Description Edit

Name: Blight
Race: Forsaken
Age (at death): 26
Birthplace: Hillsbrad
Class: Priest
Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy
Guild: Night Vanguard
Appearance: Blight, generally speaking, is not the most pleasant individual to look at. Spots where flesh has gone missing along her face, neck, and disappearing down into her clothing have earned her her rather strange name upon re-awakening. Plum colored hair that may have once been a shade of chestnut clumps together in somewhat groomed dreadlocks. Despite all of these things that would give the forsaken a horrifying or grotesque appearance, she is most often seen smiling joyously; perhaps taking the edge off just a little.

Occupation and Personality Edit

Blight is first and foremost kind and loving, seeking only to help and very rarely to harm. She sees no reason why anyone should fight one another and honestly believes the best solution to things is to just "get along"; a noble if a bit simple way of looking at the situation. Her simple, and somewhat childlike outlook on the world could stem from her lack of memory, knowing very little of what occured before stepping out of the crypt once again.

Her only source of knowledge for times beyond what she can remember is the orc Zuktarr Worgbitten, her most trusted companion. She can usually be found with Zuktarr and his worg, Ravage wandering and aiding in tasks to help serve the Horde. Blight is a healer at her core, going out of her way to aid those who might be in trouble; frequently at the cost of her own safety

Background Edit

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