Name: Bloodaxe
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Draenor
Race: Orc
Class: Warrior
Guild: Zephyr Crew
Professions: Axesmithing and Mining
Age: ??
Eye Color: Red
Skin Color: Green
Hobbies: Reading, Philosophy, Fighting
Appearance: --

Personality Edit

To the average person he appears detached and grumpy,but on occasion will have moments of compassion or sympathy.

- Bloodaxe once had a great fear of Devilsaurs after nearly being devoured alive, but recently overcame it by killing a massive one in Eco Dome Farfield.

- He distrusts the Naaru and believes that their help is only temporary. He claims that they actually plan on enslaving all sentient races.

- He greatly dislikes the light, but finds comfort in both elemental and Shadow magics.

-He greatly dislikes pirates.

-He loves Winterveil.

Past Edit

Bloodaxe was born on Draenor several years before the destruction of the Dark portal. While growing up on Draenor he befriended a Draenai with "alternative" political views. (He accused the Naaru and Velen of being manipulative fiends) At some point the two of them discovered one of Deathwing's eggs and took it out of pure curiosity. Shortly afterward, the planet began to tear itself apart and Bloodaxe traveled with the rest of the Warsong Clan through the Dark Portal and into Azeroth.

During the twenty years spent avoiding Human armies and being on the run, Bloodaxe began to study the dark arts under the watchful gaze of a very grizzled old Orc who had a terrible habit of making most training exercises relatively painful or dangerous. When Thrall arrose to lead the Orcs to freedom, Bloodaxe followed his hero Grom Hellscream into battle at the various internment camps. Against the advice of his teacher, Bloodaxe followed Grom and Thrall across the sea to Kalimdor at the start of the third war.

((More coming Later))

Currently Edit

Preparing for Northrend.