Name: "Bonetreader" Zul'dren
Race: Troll (Bloodscalp)
Class: Rogue
Professions: Undetermined.
Age: Middle-aged.
Birthplace: Stranglethorn Vale.
Current Residence: Humar's tree - although he constantly speaks of his home in Stranglethorn.
Specialization: Combat / Assassination.
Affiliation: Bloodscalp Tribe.
Family: Vodral (Son), Seldanti (Grand-daughter), Bindasi (Daughter), Verletah (Loas knows what), and a whole host of other children.
Appearance: This dark, sneering troll is unfathomably large. Like his son, he towers over the vast majority of his kin with ease, and seems to have mastered the ability to loom threateningly at all hours of the day. His skin is a much darker shade than that of most Bloodscalps, though his wild, crimson hair flares with the same vibrant color and his demeanor is every inch as fierce. A deep gash is cut above his left eye, and despite the efforts of his body's regenerative properties, it looks as though the scar hasn't healed a bit since its birth.

His voice is several octaves too low, even for a troll, and his words often come out in the form of a growl, reminiscent of a certain Bloodscalp bastard...

The Troll Himself(Character Diamond)Edit

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Adventures & StoriesEdit

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