In the horde, evenings are typically filled with war cries, shrieks, and the sounds of battle. But on June 13th, it'll be a different story. Hordelings of all shapes and sizes are invited to Grom'gol to share their adventures with the Harbingers of War and drink some damn good beer.


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What is it?Edit

The Bonfire Storytelling Night is an event where roleplayers of all kinds can get together and, well, roleplay! Alcohol will be served, of course. By the light of the bonfire, characters will be able to recall stories not only from their own backgrounds, but from their tribes' and families' as well.

Where is it being held?Edit

Grom'gol, at the fire in the center of town.


June 13th, at 7:30 PM. In the future, this event may be held again.