James G. Brauner was a genius engineer who lived in Andorhal most of his life, he loved finding things and reverse engineering them for self-accomplishment, as well as coming up with his own stuff... had a real fetish for blades and guns too. However he had a dark side, anybody he felt was encroaching on his plans he violently injured or even killed without question. This obsession caused several Andorhal citizens to go missing and caused an investigation, which eventually lead back to him. Brauner was arrested and it was discovered he had many tunnels dug under his house where he had quick access to certain locations, which violated the law, and it was also discovered many of his inventions were impractical and hazardous. He was sentenced to death and was shipped to Stratholme for execution. However around that time the Plague of Undeath hit and he managed to escape... but he succumbed to the plagued atmosphere. He left behind a huge cache of money... all unspent.

They say his fresh, unscathed corpse walks the Plaguelands picking up the dead bodies of slain heroes and turning them into twisted creations of his own. T'is a rumor though...

Family Members: Rowan Brauner (Brother)