Brillig AshforlornEdit

Race: Night Elf
Age: - around 172
Birthplace: Unknown, found in Loch Modan
Class: Druid
Professions: Herbalist, Enchanter, and Fisher-of-things.
Affiliations: Alliance

Appearance: Skin of a faintly purple/pink hue, and dark green hair, Brillig sports a small topknot, and two long braids that fall down over his shoulders. He has a flyaway moustache and side-whiskering, but no beard.


He is fondly referred to as "Whippet", or "Boy" by his Honoured Elder Mother (Grandmother) Gyre. "Honourable to the point of annoyance" (according to Granny), slightly naive, polite and fatalistic at the end of things.


Dun MoroghEdit

Found as an infant, snagged in the branches of an ashtree in Loch Modan, by a young gnomish woman. In one of the high passes, Gyre had come across the grisly remains of a small bunch of travellers, and only his wailing made her peer over the edge. It took her quite some time to effect a rescue (for he was quite sizable even as a babe!), but she did. Brillig was raised in the cold weathers of Dun Morogh, near Kharanos.


In his relative youth, Brillig had heard of the curiosity that was Teldrassil through others of his kind that passed through the Dwarfish lands. He determined to venture to this new - if unstable - base of his kith and kin. With ear-scarfs, a small pack, and cautionary advice from his Grandmother, he set out to find more about his own people.

Side-tracked on his journey through the land of the great tree by a foul Satyr, he was tricked into killing innocent beasts for a "reward". Shamed by his actions, and the recriminations of elders in the region, he resolved himself to two things - to never eat of the flesh of beasts, and to only fight as an unarmed combatant. Inspired by the works of Denalan and of Relian Greenspyre; he resolved to dedicate his ways to further study of the world of nature and the gentle art of the herbalist. The magics that his Grandmother dealt in, rubbed off on Brillig who was influenced to the realms of enchantment.

Brillig had initial difficulties in controlling the behaviour of his animal states. The feline form especially took its cues from his memories of Granny's old housecat (deceased). He still persists in believing that honourable behaviour may yet prevail to a better understanding between the races of the Alliance. Perhaps even one day, the Horde? Yet one thing disquiets him above all - the Arch-druid Fandral Staghelm. Brillig cannot bring himself to trust the highest member of his order. He discusses this with his Grandmother, through frequent (and polite) correspondence.

He has befriended others with caution since the Satyr incident, but has met a few friends, the behaviours of whom, he is sometimes at a loss to fathom. He is particularly confused by the exploits of Weejimmie, who has done little to aid the poor Night Elf in his efforts to understand the human species. He sends any alcoholic beverages he encounters to that same human male, who vows to "dispose of every dangerous drop with great care".

Mr NibblesEdit

Brillig's little pet owl, purchased for a small sum in the great centre of Darnassus. Named for his tendency to chew on Brillig's braiding - a bad habit that Brillig has yet to train him out of.

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