Beatrix - Relena - Yerelda - Xenobia

Beatrix Aurarend
Game Information
Race Human
Class Paladin
Guild The Praetorian
Professions Alchemist & Herbalist
Vital Statistics
Height 5'7"
Weight 115lbs
Build Stout
Hair Silver
Eyes Brown
Personal Information
Alignment Neutral Good
Age 23
Birthplace Stormwind
Family Aurarend

Beatrix Aurarend Edit

Born to Aeglian and Reynald Aurarend, Beatrix is the youngest of four sisters. She was closest to the second youngest, Relena, and her other two sisters, Yerelda and Xenobia, were a little more distant since they were already wrapped up in their training. Stormwind was their home, a small house in the park district where they lived and where the girls learned various trades. Always the tomboy, Beatrix took up fishing and bandage making when she was fairly young. Cooking, eventually came because her mother insisted on it and her father wanted her to have a knowledge of the finer arts which is where she began her studies of the various volumes in the Keep's library. By the age of ten, she was studying alchemy and herbology in order to one day become a certified alchemist. However, there was a bigger legacy that lie ahead for the young girl, this one being the true mark of the family themselves. Beatrix was to begin learning the art and lifestyle of a Paladin, as her three older sisters had done. As it had always been in their family, Beatrix was given texts to read first. Guidebooks, combat logs, and even fiction that was based off of passed heroes were given to her so that her mind would expand as well as her creativity. At sixteen, her training had truly began when she was apprenticed to a friends of the family, Brum Lighthammer, a dwarven paladin that was finally at the end of his fighting days and wanted to pass on his knowledge before he left Azeroth. She traveled for four years with Brum, learning about the landscape and how to use various methods for survival. Her cooking, fishing, first aid and herbalism skills grew in this time, but she still had a lot to learn. Some things can only be taught at home, when they are closest to the heart. For her twenty-first birthday, she was given a weapon that she could not yet weild, but that her father had made for her. It was stored in a family vault that lie beneath the grounds of Stormwind, along with her sisters weapons that had also been forged by their father. Presented with her first suit of armor by her sisters, various numbers were carved into it. 23, which was Relena's age at the time, was carved into the right shoulder and had a lion's face placed over it. 27 and 29, Yerelda and Xenobia's ages, were marked on both of the gloves, one on the right and the other on the left. This was done so that she would never forget them, since their lives would take them to different regions around Azeroth. for all of the Aurarend family was about to change. Aeglian fell ill, and died unsuspectedly, eight days after Beatrix's twenty-first. A cause of death was never reveiled. Half a year passed until the outbreak of the plauge in the "Northern Kingdom" as it was called by her father. Reynald ask that Brum keep Beatrix in Stormwind with him and tell her that her father and Beatrix's three sisters would return to her once the epidemic was put down. They left one night, while Beatrix was asleep...and needless to say have not returned since. After hearing about the events that transpired between Arthas and the Burning Legion, Beatrix knew that she was all that remained of her line and vowed that she would to the Aurarend family proud. The armor that she had been given, was to difficult to wear so she had it smelted down along with the weaponry that was given to her and her sisters. She kept the bars that were made from the smelting process which she has said will one day be put to good use. Now, she trains harder than she ever has so that one day she might be able to clash with those responsible for the deaths in her family, and take vengence upon the wicked which took all that was dear to her. She embraced the nickname Bryx in memory of her sisters, starting with her first name initial and ending with Xenobia's.

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