Cadence StormriderEdit

Race: Night Elf
Age: 240
Birthplace: Ashenvale
Class: Hunter
Professions: Skinner/Gnomeish Engineer
Affiliations: The Scarlet Knights

Appearance: Cadence is small in stature for a night elf, just a bit taller than the average human female. There is a certain grace that is expected of the Kaldori, but when it comes to Cadi, it's non-existant. Away from the battlefield, the slender night elf is often found walking into walls, tripping over her own two feet and batting the violet strands of hair from her face. She is anything but polished with hair that always escapes it's long braid, or dirt covered armor. It would seem that she cares a great deal more for her weapons and her feline companions than she does her own appearence. Cadence is built for speed rather than strength. She posesses little in the way of womanly curves and is oftentimes in armor that hides as much as possible. There are always a few items that remain on Cadi regardless of attire. A slender leather bracelet intricatly knotted encircles a wrist, a pair of blood stained arrowheads dangling from another piece of leather around her neck, and the polished bone bow at her back.


Cadence came to the realization long ago that she is not perfect. She won't ever be the legendary beauties in Darnassus, or be able to walk with a grace unseen. She easily laughs at herself, lacks basic conversation skills when shes flustered and generally is easy going. Shes exceptionally loyal, devoted and genuinely cares about people. She may trust a bit too easily, but its just her way. Cadence is a -live in the moment- sort of person. She tries to learn from her mistakes and not make them again. She goes mostly on instinct, often times closing her eyes and going where she feels pulled. She tries to see the good in a great deal of things, and when it fails.. she resorts to blades and bow, figuing if she can't find any good.. there isnt any. On occasion shes rash, and doesnt think.. and its where she usually learns the most. She is diligant in her thoughts that follow the line of the Argent Dawn and Cenarian Circle. Choosing to think there are much greater enemies to fight than the Horde. While she holds rank, she sees the Basin, Gulch and Valley as a place to learn tactics, test her skills against others. She has no problem with Horde as a whole, but the Alliance held cities are no place for them in her mind. In her mind so many see the war between them... and only feel safe in the cities. She'll defend any city to her fullest extent.. especially Darnassus. She doesnt waver in her beliefs, and probably never will. One could say Cadi is a fence sitter, choosing to remain as neutral as possible in every situation. If asked, she'll give her opinion but doesnt offer it up without knowing as many facts as possible. Lately, however, things have changed. it is as if she has closed herself off to all but a few. When once she would have sought the companionship of others, now she retreats into her own thoughts and while never rude, she doesnt seem to enjoying spekaing to people as often. In recent nights she has been known to not speak at all, and simply go about her tasks montaneously.


Cadence is the youngest of four. All three of her older sisters are priestesses in Darnassus. Her mother and father are both alive and live outside of the capital city. Her father was once a Knight in the Alliance army and retired due to a wound that left him unable to pull a bow. He's a hunter and now only does work as a tracker when needed. Cadis mother teaches combat priests in the city. She fought in the Alliance army as well, and though never gained rank, she saw many a battle field. While Cadis mother wishes she had become a priestess she is very proud of her daughters accomplishments, and oftentimes demands to see her, giving her menial tasks such as gardening and other such things to remind Cadi where she came from. Her eldest sister is married and just had her first son.. the next two (twins) go to classes in darnassus all the time. Cadence always followed in her fathers footsteps, from a small age she brought home birds andmice and other such animals. She had been sent at a young age to train as a priestess, but too many questions, not enough diligence and oftentimes skipping her classes led to her being removed from the school. She's also been denied training from every cook in Darnassus as well. A blown up oven usually does that. She did however posess a certain skill with leather, which went noticed by the trainer one day when she was picking up thread for her mother. A few scraps on the ground were picked up and she quickly knotted them to form a makeshift belt. The trainer then sought her out.. and began her training. As she grew up she her father took her to learn to track, hunt and eventually sent her to Shadowglen to begin her formal training. Cadence had a fairly normal childhood, no horrible tragedies or anything like that. She started her taining in Shadowglen and being a quick study caught on fairly quickly. When the trainers said she was capable of training animals... she didnt hesitate. A days worth of food and water and she headed to Mulgore. At her fathers side had always been his faithful lion, who now held streaks of silver through his yellowed mane thanks to his age. Cadi sought out the lines of her fathers lion, and tamed Lazarus. She wouldnt have another pet until she was capable of surviving in Winterspring. They were a pair, as her father and his Winston had been. She had always understtod the fine line between a hunter and his companion. Especially when it came to cats.. Cadi understood that it was never tamed.. and to get the full range of its abilities, it must be allowed to retain its wildness. Oftentimes shed return to Mulgore with Lazarus and let him roam with his kind while she stood back and watched. Its know that for awhile Cadi was enamoured with an orc. They were rarely seen without each other and even in battlegrounds they'd fight twice as fiercely against each other, Little is known of what happened between them, she doesnt talk about it. But recently, Mourne is Cadi constant companion. The two are often seen whispering to each other, laughing and talking. There are some that know the scope of their relationship, but again its not something she talks about....

Recent TimesEdit

Upon her retirment from the Alliance military, Cadence has spent many an hour with the Scarlet Knights seeing to tasks that have taken them to the Spire of Blackrock, Stratholme, and the school of Scholomance. She works closely with the Argent Dawn to help push back the Scourge that inhabits the Plaguelands. In the most recent of times, rumors fly around that it was Cadence who had a direct hand in the death of the General Vrulgtar Hogstench. Something clearly happened that has caused the once vibrant hunter to retreat to her closest of companions and fight with a vigor unseen before in her. She wears the red and gold tabard of the Scarlet Knights and is an almost constant companion for Mourne Darkguard. She now can be in Ironforge, usually sitting atop the bridge that connects the auction house and bank fiddling with some sort of contraption or another. It's obvious shes given up her trade of leathercrafting for the intricacies of engineering. Beyond that, she tends to keep to herself and the small circle of friends around her. Lazarus, is not often seen with Cadi lately. Her companion now takes the form of a large tiger named Bane. The feline is often agressive, pacing around the Kaldori as if she were his mate. There are few he doesnt growl at when they get too close. The older tiger has dozens of small scars marring his striped fur, no doubt as a result from the treatment he received while residing in the lands of Zul'Gurub.

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