Caelius Moonfang
Game Information
Race Night Elf
Class Hunter
Guild None
Professions Herbalism
Vital Statistics
Height 6'
Weight Don't ask a lady her weight!
Build Lithe
Hair White
Eyes White
Personal Information
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Age 28
Birthplace Ashenvale
Marital Status Single, not lookin'!

Personality Edit

Cae is generally quiet, but once you get a little booze in her, it's hard to shut her up. She's easy-going, holds no grudges and loves all life. If it's Alliance, Horde, spider, or maggot, she'll give it a hug. Even if it tries to melt/eat her face.

She also likes to party. All the time. Without pants.


History Edit

Cae was born nearly three decades ago deep in Ashenvale to Hodrinus and Shaelen Moonfang. She never speaks of her past, it was hard enough prying this information out of her.

Pets Edit

She is often seen with a brilliant white worg, whom she dubbed "William". He's bright eyed and bushy tailed and his devotion to his master is unquestionable.

William1 copy

Caelius muttered, "If I wanted a cat, I'd tame a Nightsaber."

Sometimes the silly creature is more cat-like than wolf-like... As seen here in the picture to the side, bringing Caelius a poor little rat whom had the unfortunate luck of being turned into a gift for his master.

Crichton is a golden Dragonhawk hatchling that Caelius acquired on her travels. The little fella really likes peanuts and being cuddled.

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