Name: Calimund Farstrider
Race: Tauren
Class: Hunter
Professions: Leatherworking and Skinning
Age: Mid 20s
Birthplace: Bloodhoof Village (outskirts)
Affiliation: Wolfsong
Friends: Jakkal, Farorey

Appearance Edit

A broad-shouldered young tauren, Calimund has the physical presence that all his people do. His coloring is white with black spots, but most of it is never seen due to his armor. He tends towards muted colors in clothing and armor, to help him blend in with the wilderness better. Even when muddy and in need of armor maintenance, he somehow manages to look fairly put-together, his armor mostly coordinating when out in the wild, and his clothing simple but nice the rare times he is in Thunder Bluff.

His mane is a dusty black, loose across his neck and shoulders and pulled into two braids in the front, in addition to his plaited beard. His horns are pale, in contrast with his dark mane and face, and his brown eyes gaze clearly and seriously at everything. A heavy nose ring is the only ornamentation he wears.

The truest and best companion he has is at his side most of the time – Kuroneko, a large black lion he encountered in the Barrens. They are as brothers to each other, and protect each other fiercely. Kuroneko presents a fierce appearance, but is actually quite friendly with those he trusts, behaving more like a giant housecat than a formidable lion.

Calimund recently reached the point in his training and skills when it was time to receive his kodo riding lessons. He now owns a placid brown female kodo that responds to Potato, and nothing else.

Personality Edit

Calimund still has not gotten used to the new settled version of tauren life, and still wanders from place to place, but is perhaps more of a nomad and a wanderer than some, choosing to roam without a reason or need. He explores all across the map and goes where his hooves take him, but always returns to Mulgore. Once in a while he stays put for a time, lingering in Thunder Bluff or Bloodhoof Village, but he is soon on the move again.

He is extremely serious and introspective, even for a tauren, sitting quietly in the middle of a conversation, absorbing and slowly processing everything until someone speaks to him. He is exceptionally polite and soft-spoken around most people, though he becomes more outgoing around his few close friends.

He is also quite protective of most things he has a connection with, namely his limited belongings, Kuroneko, and the area of Mulgore where he was born. This may not be readily apparent, but as soon as something he cares for is threatened in some way, he will go on the defensive and guard it to the end.

A newer aspect of his personality that has come to light is his friendlier side, which most don’t even realize he has. With the advent of higher skill levels (and the accompanying need for mail armor), a kodo to ride, and the exploration of new parts of the world – all at the same time – Cal has become more outgoing. He feels now that he was simply too shy around others before, because they were stronger and more skilled than he was, so he respected that by deferring to them all the time.

History and Occupation Edit

Born into a smaller-than-usual tribe, Calimund’s immediate family was wiped out by a centaur attack about ten years ago. There were not enough capable fighters in the tribe to fend off the attack, and it was only due to being away in a distant field with the tribe’s grazing kodo that he was spared at all. When he crept close enough to their camp to see what was going on, he was spotted, and managed to escape back to the kodo herd with only a shallow gash across his ribs from a centaur blade. The pursing centaur evidently did not care for risking its own life by plowing into a herd of panicked kodo, and retreated back to its fellows. Calimund took the kodo in the opposite direction from the smoke and shouting, and fled until he found another tribe that would shelter him. He still bears a faint scar from the wound the centaur gave him.

After the settling down of Mulgore and the tauren people, Cal chose to start on the hunter’s path, on advice from one of Bloodhoof Village’s elders. He has never once regretted this choice; the life of a hunter is a good match for his personality and connection with nature. He especially feels a strong connection with kodo, given that they saved his life during the attack on his tribe.

The hunter’s path was also a good match for the professions he eventually decided on. Cal is a skilled leatherworker now, and becoming more so all the time. He recently met Thorkar Dragoneye in the Badlands, and has plunged into dragonscale leatherworking headfirst. He knows it will be difficult, but extremely rewarding in the long run. (It also helps that he finds methodical killing and skinning of scorpids and dragon whelps very meditative.) However, this also means that he is out in the wilds for even longer periods of time than before, only returning to civilization when he needs more ammunition or meat for Kuroneko, or to sell items and accumulated animal parts.

Current Edit

Calimund’s time is dived equally between furthering his skills as a hunter, and advancing in the leatherworking craft. He is a master skinner now, and with new locales to explore, he has recently started getting rugged hides and leather from beasts, which thrills him to no end.

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