Callence EstherEdit

Race: Human
Age: 24
Birthplace: Stormwind
Class: Rogue
Professions: Skinner/Herbalist
Affiliations: Head Cook of the Wisps and Spirits, Emissary of The Forgotten Order


She has a fairly adaptable personality, but for the most part, she's a kind person, putting friends before herself. If a friend asks her of something, she’d gladly do it. She thinks that friends are what makes life worth living. Of course, if she doesn't like you, she can go from warm and caring to cold and violent easily.


Callence was born in Stormwind, and grew up there as well. Compared to some of the other tragic orphans the wars provided, she was a fairly happy girl. She would play in the streets, and come home for dinner, cooked by her mother, Elsa Esther. She had a habit of borrowing things without intent to return them, and her parents, in an attempt to teach her a lesson, would constantly scold her on the importance of telling the truth and not stealing.

She never listened to those boring things anyway.

She was not a noble, but did receive an education of slightly higher quality than most girls her age. She was always bored with class, not to mention all the crazy politics surrounding these “Orcs” she had only heard of.

At the age of 18, S1:7 contacted her secretly, after she unwittingly stole an important document from them. Rather than punish her, they took her in for training, to hone her talents, and learn how to use a blade or two. Whilst in training, at the age of 20, the burning legion came. Her father, Lawrence Esther, went to fight against them, and his body was found next to a smoking crater. This shocked Callence, causing her to realize that life could end at any point.

After Stormwind was rebuilt, she stopped her training as a Rogue, and asked Elsa to teach her how to cook, a much safer profession in her opinion. After being mugged on the streets of Stormwind shortly thereafter, she realized that one must be able to defend one’s self. She re-entered Rogue training just recently, but has hardly given up on cooking.

One day, she met a miss Measha Anarore, and the two hit it off as friends quickly. Measha showed her that the horde were not full of slobbering savages, like she had been taught, but were in fact peaceful and not unlike her or her friends at all. She began to frequently visit the then-new Wisps and Spirits tavern. After a few weeks of coming, and observing they needed a cook, she offered her services as cook to the tavern. Since then she has made many new friends, and she can be seen happily cooking away in the kitchen when the tavern is open.

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