Camellia Stormfall

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Core StatisticsEdit

Name: Camellia Stormfall
Title: Knight
Race: Night Elf.
Class: Rogue
Professions: Skinning and Mining
Hair: Violet
Skin-Tone: A fair lavender
Alignment: Neutral Good.

Physical AppearanceEdit

In appearance, outfit and mannerisms, Camellia presents herself with simple elegance and a refined taste. Often in simple silk and leather of varied shades of red, she walks with two blades sheathed at her hip, and the symbol of Elune in a slender silver necklace down her throat.

In combat, her armor always bears a crescent moon behind smoky clouds, embossed on her right shoulder. On her left shoulder, the symbol of a stylized lotus, with precisely fifty four petals.


By first impression, Camellia would present herself as a collected woman, with her emotions kept in careful control behind an elusive smile and polite courtesy. Regardless of the cool facade, Camellia is neither prudish nor humorless, and has a habit of matching wits and interjecting with sharp commentary by her own sense of humor.

In truth, Camellia's external persona conceals her true identity as a sensitive and intuitive individual, of moody emotion and turbulent feelings. Her facade of calmness and control rarely cracks, but when it does, she grows quickly self-conscious and tends to change subjects in an attempt to regain control.

Her greatest concern is her vulnerability: emotionally, psychologically and ethically. Consequently, her greatest struggle is to come to terms with, and accept, her own self. Currently, Camellia feels it wisest to stifle these emotions in as deep and remote a corner of her psyche as possible.

Regardless of her masks, Camellia tries to be a genuinely good person. She follows her own individualistic code of honor, and while not as rigid or canonized as one of a paladin (for example), she holds these ideals close to her heart. Most of them are rather romanticized. She will never attack an unarmed opponent. She will never attack a dismounted opponent while mounted. She cannot refuse a request for charity or aid, if in good faith, from friend, foe or stranger alike. She believes in respect towards her elders, towards the priesthood, and devout worship of Elune, and so on. Camellia responds to all accusations of old fashioned chivalrousness with a careless laugh.



Camellia left the Stormfall family at a young age, for training and education in Astranaar, in the tradition of her family. Records of her early childhood are hazy and elusive, mostly because very few were ever kept, and little emphasis given.

Early Training in The Hundred Eight Lotus PetalsEdit

As she grew, and her potential developed into talent, Camellia was quickly isolated as a superior student. She had an knack for intuition, often able to complete tasks out of pure spontaneity and inspiration, with little prior training. Of quick wit and sharp memory, as well as athletic and martial talent, she was soon nominated for service in the Hundred Eight Lotus Petals, a hierarchical organization in service of the priesthood, with a focus on a contemplative, meditative practice of Elunite philosophy.

While in service of the Hundred Eight, Camellia spent her days in obsessive study, often watching the swordplay of higher ranking Petals, and spending her evening hours memorizing classics, poetry, philosophical treatises and manuals of combat by dim candlelight.

The Hand of EluneEdit

Recently, Camellia found herself freed of all but one obligation to the Hundred Eight. Her tutors had come to the conclusion that she could learn no further by cloistering herself inside Astranaar. Given recently renewed conflicts between the Alliance and the Horde, her superiors thought it most prudent to send their student in service of an endangered Alliance. Within a month, the young elf found herself at the unfamiliar gates of Stormwind, and signed herself into the Northshire Abbey Voluntary Militia.

The act of service would be the first step in a long lesson of fealty to the Alliance--a lesson Camellia correctly suspected would have no true conclusion.


While Camellia may place great emphasis on her service as a lifelong duty, in the most mundane terms she is little more than a hired sword for the Alliance. A more optimistic and fair rendition, perhaps, would define her as a Darnassian agent assigned to, simply, 'the greater good of the Alliance races'. As simple and broad as this assignment may be, herein lies her inspiration.

Free to pursue her duty however she wishes, Camellia seeks to found a reputation for herself in the process. She may be duty-bound to the Alliance, but she reminds herself that she is not without identity, and in her optimism, she smiles at the idea of forging her own path.

Thus, she wears a lotus with fifty four petals on her left shoulder. An incomplete lotus, half of a hundred eight, she seeks never to forget her true purpose, and achieve her final lesson.

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