Carabeli Brooklin
Game Information
Race Human
Class Warrior
Guild Order of Proudmoore
Professions Mining
Ale Consumption
Vital Statistics
Personal Information
Age 21
Birthplace Moonbrook, Westfall
Marital Status Married
Family Belard Brooklin (father;deceased)
Avalonea Brooklin (mother;deceased)
Tabitha Brooklin (sister;deceased)
Larkwen (husband)

Physical DescriptionEdit

Carabeli is a young warrior with tan skin, reddish brown eyes and sandy colored hair. She can usually be found as far away from a dress as possible, unless her friends and/or alcohol are concerned. She is aware that she has striking features but feel uncomfortable when faced with attention, specifically from men, because of past trauma's. She has a nose ring along with an eyebrow piercing, both of which she tends to fidget with when in awkward situations.


Cara (as her friends call her) has a very short fuse. She has absolutely no control over her rage when someone steps on her toes, or the toes of a friend. This often gets her into trouble within her order, but try as she might, she cannot contain herself. Cara is also a loyal friend, her best friends being the Lady Jillianne, Sammilia and Leighette--all guildmates of hers. Lord Callon, the head of the order, looks at Cara as a little sister and she trusts him probably more than most. All it takes is a request for aid and Carabeli has no problem dropping whatever she is doing and running to her friends' sides. Cara can also be a bit of a drunk. Okay, that's an understatement. She is a huge drinker and can usually drink most men under the table. Make of that what you will.


Carabeli was born and raised in Moonbrook, Westfall. Her father was a fisherman and her mother a schoolteacher. She only has one older sister, Tabitha, who was engaged to a soldier in the capital city of Stomwind. One night, while the two sisters slept, defias invaded the town, needing a new hideout. Her entire family was slaughtered, but Carabeli somehow managed to dash under the bed before they overtook their room. Tabitha, however, was not so lucky and Cara witnessed her brutal slaughtering. After everyone was dead the defias discovered the petrified 8 year old under the bed and took her captive. They raised her as their slave and took advantage of her in many brutal ways, sexually, lawfully and emotionally. Finally, around her eighteenth birthday, Stormwind guards were tipped off to a looting she was aiding them with and Carabeli was subsequently arrested and thrown into the stockades. After pleading her case she was released and took up arms to avenge the brutalities she had been forced to endure. While adventuring one day she met a wise paladin by the name of Callon, who recognized the raw passion in her and invited her to join his order, The Order of Proudmoore. He felt that perhaps the ideals of Jaina Proudmoore could help the young warrior harness the rage she felt constantly boiling out of her. She was welcomed into the order and, for the first time since the death of her family, Cara felt safe among a group of people.


Carabeli has had quite an interesting history as far as romances go. Because of the abusive nature of the defias she is rather complicated when it comes to her attachments to men. Briefly after joining the order she met a warlock by the name of Jordonus who she befriended. The friendship eventually grew into a secret infatuation for him, however. And, despite his reputation for being unfaithful to his wife, Anoduna, she grew to love him. When the love was not reciprocated it turned to bitterness and then rage. They now have a very strange friendship where most of the time they would rather wring each other's throats then converse civilly. After recovering from Jordonus, Cara became engaged to a very powerful paladin named Christimer. This ended in him being unfaithful and her walking away. The situation is still very stressful and invokes much anger in her. At the moment, Larkwen holds this warriors heart. Cara often thinks to herself how strange that all her life men have show her nothing but reason to mistrust them and it took a night elf to show her what real love and understanding could mean.

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