General InformationEdit

Age: 29 and a half

Title: Best cake baker in Azeroth

Class: Warrior

Birthplace: Dun Morogh

Current Home: Stormwind


Caravan is, by far, one of the most adorable creatures ever to walk the face of Azeroth. With bright green eyes and a willing smile, Caravan greets everyone she meets with a cheerful grin. Small, even for a gnome, it is quite obvious that she is still rather young, a child in the eyes of anyone carefully looking.


Despite a rather dark and horrendous past, Caravan remains cheerful and bright-eyed. She makes it her personal goal to befriend anyone she meets, and succeeds at this nine times out of ten. More often than not, she can melt the hardest heart with a laugh and a smile, and a piece of cake in a carefully made box. She pays careful attention to the moods of others, and often places their cheer above her own. (More to come! :D This profile is brought to you by Meliawen)



Despite the fact that she is, in fact, a very young gnome, Caravan's past is none-too-pretty. She's only ever told a few people of the bloody scene she stumbled across, just a short time ago. The intensely brutal death of her family left her wandering the world alone.

Amazingly, this past does not seem to have dulled her cheer or light at all. She quickly "adopted" Jatria Al'Carin as her surrogate mother, and spends her days giving out cake and hugs to anyone who gives her half a moment's time.



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