The old Ceirin.

Name: Ceirin Windstriker, alias Serendan Azuredawn, alias Zhuria

Race: Blood Elf

Age: 126

Gender: Female.

Class: Ranger, training in heavier combat

Guild: The Azure Front

Professions: Miner/Engineer

General alignment: Chaotic good, or so she believes.

Marital status: Separated.


Ceirin is a scruffy young blood elf, and generally seems like she could use a good bath. Her armor, should she be wearing it, looks new and is well-kept, but not nearly as polished as it could be. She's on the tall side of average and is lanky, without much that could really be called curves, and has half a left ear and a very scarred left hand; her hair is red and the style varies, though it's always kept out of the way. Most of her clothes are patched in at least one place.

Her appearance as Serendan is much more polished, the damaged ear and hand covered with illusions and her hair dyed blonde. Her clothes are well-kept and she is rarely seen armored or armed, though she's very likely to have a dagger or three stashed somewhere on her person. Currently this persona is mostly defunct, as she's aroused too much suspicion.

She makes use of a polymorph to take on the body of a draenei, calling herself Zhuria among the Alliance. In this form her build isn't so lean, the usual draenei curves very much present, and she tends to dress to show them off shamelessly. Again, it's fairly rare to see her with armor or weapons, as she much prefers to look less capable than she actually is.


Ceirin tends to be an observer more than a participant, though around folks she knows (or not, if she's drinking) she's more open. She isn't exactly well-spoken, lacks anything resembling the stereotypical elven haughtiness and is generally friendly enough, moreso depending on the environment, and usually leans toward a joking, sarcastic sort of friendliness with those she's familiar with (or just those she enjoys prodding, mostly Thierry or a few of her unitmates.) Ceirin's socializing is mostly limited to taverns and bars, as she doesn't tend to hang around cities much otherwise.

This changes from persona to persona; Serendan tends to be more of an observer, and as Zhuria she's extremely outgoing and flirtatious. In any persona she's more than happy to share a drink and a conversation, especially if that conversation happens to provide useful information.


Ceirin is a firm believer that magic and its use/abuse have been the cause of every major catastrophe on Azeroth, and seeks to end its widespread acceptance. She considers the arcane just as corruptive a force as fel magic, convinced its users will eventually become corrupt with power no matter how responsible they try to be. To this end she rids the world of arcanists and fel users wherever she can, hunting them relentlessly in the misguided belief that she's doing Azeroth a favor.


((As far as I'm aware, things -should- be consistent with timelines and such, but it's entirely possible I've messed up somewhere. Feel free to let me know if there are any major slipups.))

She was born in Quel'Thalas to Alariel and Serendon Windstriker, their third child. While her older brothers Enelor and Arelon trained as mages, Ceirin took after her father and became a ranger, soon spending most of her time out in Eversong rather than in the city itself. She caught the eye of another young trainee, Lienor, not long afterwards and the two eventually hooked up, after a while spent with each constantly attempting to outdo and impress the other (though neither would ever admit who had actually won, or which had made the first move.) While she certainly had an aptitude for her work, Ceirin was not exactly cut out for anything military at the time and left after a couple of decades to go traveling on her own. Lienor, however, was much more attached to Eversong and Silvermoon and refused to leave with her, but did promise he would still be there when she finally returned.

Ceirin spent the next several years traveling and exploring with her first companion, an older lynx she affectionately referred to as "Stubborn Git", or Stub for short. She continued honing her skills in archery and survival, hunting and trapping as necessary to keep herself and Stub fed, though she never did get very good at cooking and still has somewhat of a fondness for overdone, slightly charred meat. He was her companion for nearly a decade until the lynx eventually died of age, at which point she continued along on her own, unwilling to replace him. She changed her mind several years later when she ran across a young white core hound, who would be the first in her slowly expanding group of pets. Ceirin had no idea whether the odd canine's two heads were separate and ought to be considered two hounds or not, so she simply called him Dog.

She'd made her way south of Lordaeron shortly before the events of the Third War, and it was only several years afterwards that she finally learned of what exactly had happened to Quel'thalas and made her way back as quickly as possible, finally arriving rather ill from the effects of her withdrawal, which she had had no way of dealing with. Once she had learned how to sate the addiction and recovered, she searched for Lienor and her family and found that while her parents and brothers had not been in the city either, Lienor had fallen and his body had never been recovered. She immediately immersed herself in the rebuilding efforts to keep herself busy and distracted, but soon grew disillusioned with the new Silvermoon and its continued heavy reliance on the arcane when she felt they ought to be trying to eliminate the addiction and move away from it, rather than feeding it and continuing on the same way. Ceirin left for the wilderness again, though this time she resurfaced much more frequently due to the needs imposed by the elves' addiction.

Ceirin rejoined society for good after the war in Northrend began. She began working wherever she found herself needed in Kalimdor and the eastern Kingdoms, though she soon joined the Harbingers of War and moved on to Northrend itself. She also began attempting to rejoin things socially, frequenting taverns and bars on her offtime- the Drunken Kodo in particular. The Kodo was where she first met Silvyn Arrowsong, and after several more meetings in Northrend both by chance and arranged, they eventually became a couple. They were married in a somewhat odd small ceremony atop the Suntouched Pillar in Sholazar, officiated by Zurali. Ceirin later ended the relationship due to what she felt were irreconcilable problems, and stopped using his name in favor of being a Windstriker once again.

Birth of a MagehunterEdit

Near the end of their marriage, Ceirin discovered and took in a blue whelp named Surigos, who took a liking to her thanks to her disapproval of magic use and saw a potential use for her. He nurtured her disdain for the arcane arts, encouraging it as much as he could. Not long afterward he found help in the form of Tir'delos, a hunter stalking the magic users of the Harbingers, who encouraged her further in a letter delivered after his death. In it he explained why he took the path he did, the dangers mages pose to the world of Azeroth, and with this and Suri's encouragement Ceirin finally decided to take action. Suri instructed her in countering magic and helped her locate mages, though she was very reluctant to turn against the Horde and would only slay those allied with the Alliance. As time passed and she grew more comfortable in her new role, Ceirin eventually came to the conclusion that she couldn't let faction lines influence her cause and began ridding the world of magic users of any allegiance.

While on the hunt in Elwynn Forest, she ran into another elf, Allerian, who happened to be stalking the same target she had come for on behalf of his employer. She explained her purpose for being there, and he agreed to allow her to accompany him as long as he was allowed to take proof of the arcanist's death. His employer used him to hunt mages as she did, and after some discussion the two agreed it would be mutually beneficial to work together, though Allerian did not share her fervor for dispatching them.The events leading up to and following the Cataclysm changed his stance, as Ceirin managed to convince him the catastrophe was yet another caused by the use and abuse of magic by the races of Azeroth, and the pair began to hunt in earnest for those they blame for the destruction.

The 'Death' of CeirinEdit

She had become too involved with her friends and the Harbingers of War to safely turn to full-time mage hunting, and the risk of exposure grew by the day. Ceirin first resolved to resign and disappear, taking on a new persona, but found she was unable to follow through with the resignation when Jeria encouraged her to stay. Allerian suggested a new course of action: faking her death to make sure she wasn't followed or suspected. After some hesitation Ceirin finally agreed, and decided to make use of this to frame the blood knight Zenaether Skyfire for her 'death'. The body double Allerian tracked and acquired was slain by a well-paid-off blood knight, and despite knowing they'd never be able to truly pin it on Zenaether she was content to at least raise suspicion against him. Luckily for them, the double was believed to be Ceirin, and she was able to disappear to begin crafting a new identity: Serendan Azuredawn.

Serendan and ZhuriaEdit

'Serendan' passed herself off as her own cousin, quietly keeping an eye on the investigation into Ceirin's supposed murder. In this guise she was able to gather information rather effectively, and continued to hunt mages with less fear of discovery by the people she had once called good friends. As she wormed her way back into Horde society she began keeping an eye out for potential allies, well aware that two elves and a young dragon were hardly going to make a mark on the world. She's collected a few, some more committed than others, and keeps a safe distance from most of them, taking care with how much information they're given.

Eventually Serendan grew complacent and made a risky deal with Chalfriald Scarmane, trading him information in exchange for the heads of Forsaken mages. In a quiet meeting at the Kodo, a spy watching Scarmane caught wind of their deal and she was confronted by Carnage, forced to explain her dealings with the worgen. She admitted to feeding him information on the Doctor and those close to him, though luckily for her she escaped the confrontation without exposing the full extent of their deal or what she was paid with. After this close call she panicked and went underground, making use of Suri's skill with magic to craft disguises for herself and Allerian to use among the Alliance. She now spends her days as a draenei called Zhuria, hiding in Stormwind where she believes herself safe from those hunting her.

The Tavern LinesEdit

Zhuria joined up with the Tavern Lines, mostly out of boredom, but soon found it to be a very useful decision. She's found another ally in the Gilnean rogue, Kammon, who she's entrusted with her identity and cause. She believes that only Kammon, Allerian, and to some extent Chalfriald are aware of who or what she really is, and has grown somewhat more relaxed in the company of strangers, though still wary.

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