Cephyr Stargaze
Game Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Ranger (Hunter)
Guild Harbingers of War
Professions Skinning, Leatherworking
Vital Statistics
Height 6'1"
Weight 175
Build Athletic
Hair White / Silver
Eyes Formerly blue, now green
Personal Information
Alignment Neutral
Age 190 (Appears 23-24)
Marital Status In a relationship
Pets Renger (Pronounced Ren-jur), his boar companion
Family None

Physical DescriptionEdit

At 6'1", Cephyr is seemingly average in height when compared to the majority of his kin. However, his body is toned and muscles can be plainly seen under his moderately-tanned skin; a blatant giveaway to his profession and lifestyle. His shoulder-length hair is silvery white and, despite being slightly unkempt and wild, it is passable in public. Being of a young age, Cephyr's skin has retained the fair complexion elves are known to possess.

However, after a recent accident in Eversong Woods, he has acquired a gruesome scar down the right side of his face. The scar also cuts across his right eyesocket, the eye having been lost due to the severity of the injury. Because of this, he has gone blind in that eye. He almost always has the right side of his face covered in carefully-wrapped bandages so as to hide the new scar from view as well as keep it from re-opening, only taking them off to treat the wound and apply new bandages.

Cephyr's typical garb consists of leather armor stitched together from the furs of animals he has hunted in the past. The armor is also dyed green and white as a tribute to the Farstriders, which Cephyr only recently left. A headband crafted from wood, string, and feathers rests across his forehead, as well, and the tabard of the Harbingers of War can always be seen draped over his torso.

Aside from his armor and tabard, Cephyr can also be seen with a hard leather quiver full of arrows and a pearly white longbow; both of which are strapped to his back. A well-used skinning knife also rests in a small, weathered sheathe on his belt. Various pouches and packs hang from his travel pack, which can be seen slung over his shoulder if it is with him.


Cephyr is what some would call a ladies' man, only he is terrible with women despite his frequent and numerous attempts at garnering positive attention from them. He is playful, outgoing, and can be quite rowdy at times; almost to the extent of being annoying, especially in the eyes of his kin who tend to be more professional and serious. Aside from his playful demeanor and rambunctious attitude, he has a serious side as well.

Despite being a rowdy hunter, Cephyr runs on views and opinions that have been chiseled in stone. He claims neutrality on the subject of Prince Kael and the Promised Land, despite the many people on both sides that have preached to him of their own views; even going so far as to leave the Farstriders to avoid the politics that have slowly begun to consume them. As a ranger used to living in the wild, he feels more at home when surrounded by nature rather than the artificial and magically-enhanced walls of Silvermoon. However, he's taken a liking to the Royal Exchange for its use of natural beauty such as grass and intricate fountains.

Another quality Cephyr possesses, which could very well be considered a major flaw, is a wild temper. He can get angry easily, and when he does it is difficult to calm him down. The only person that has managed to calm him down, at least somewhat, after his temper has erupted is Aysera Silwynn; the young woman that Cephyr has developed an attraction to recently.

Also, having been a Farstrider for much of his life, Cephyr has a deeply ingrained respect for the days of old; back when Cephyr willingly fought alongside humanity against the greenskins during the Second War. However, despite his respect for Anduin Lothar and the humans of Lordaeron, Cephyr has pledged allegiance to the Horde after seeing how pathetic the humans of Stormwind have become. He also resents the new Alliance for aligning themselves with one of his most hated enemies, the Kal'Dorei (Night Elves).

He has a deep dislike for Blood Knights.

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