Description Edit

Name: Chanua
Race: Troll
Class: Priest
Professions: Tailoring/Enchanting
Age: 19
Height: 6 feet 9 inches
Weight: 178 pounds
Appearance: Chanua's skin is pale blue and her hair a much darker version of the same color. Her eyes are dark copper. She's a little on the thin and small side for a Troll, but still generally tall and slender. She usually dresses in simple cloth. Since her arrival in Kalimdor, she has taken to pulling her thick hair tightly back into many braids. She's not dirty, per se, but she is definitely forgetful and easily distracted and usually has some sort of debris caught in her hair, usually twigs or leaves. She has a small yellowed bone pierced through the center part of her nose, just to remind you that though she may be innocent and somewhat slow, she's certainly not what you'd call civilized.

Personality Edit

Chanua is simple in most senses of the word. She's plain to look at. She doesn't have any truly grand aspirations. She has little to no wit, although she does occasionally demonstrate the wisdom of the simple. Along with her simplicity comes a lack of fear. She will often step into situations well over her head and have to deal with the consequences after the fact. However, she is also very honest. It is almost impossible for her to tell a lie.

Her chief goal in life is to help others. She has made friends with many in Kalimdor and is always doing some errand or other for someone. Fulfilment of a request is her greatest joy. She is not so much a seer or even a healer as she is a helper. She is just as happy delivering meats for Zargh as she is healing a party of strong adventurers through great conflict.

She has no love whatsoever for the Alliance, especially Dwarves. However, while she is inherently more helpful than violent, she has absolutely no qualms about aiding another in putting down an Alliance incursion and even takes a certain joy in doing so.

She is too young and too simple to hold any of the deep grudges based on ancient wars. And she has been too sheltered before her move to Orgrimmar to have much understanding of recent wars, other than the planned eradication of her own people by the Coldridge Dwarves.

The undead make her skin crawl but merely because of their appearance, not because she has retained any learning about their history. The Blood Elves she had never seen or known anything about until even more recently, but she has been warned to be suspicious and her own experiences with them have enhanced that wary attitude. Still, if a Forsaken or a Sin'dorei should happen to ask a favor of her, she'll probably do it because that's just how much she loves to help.

History Edit

As a girl in Dun Morogh, Chanua was not the brightest of children. However, she was honest to a fault. Her father sent her on errands as soon as she could walk. The praise she received on completing chores for him was very formative for her young mind. Chanua remembers nothing of her mother and does not know who she was. All that is left of her mother is a ragged, handmade and somewhat fire-damaged doll that Chanua refers to affectionately as "Turtle" and to whom she relates all her secrets. Chanua has had the doll all her life and insists it was given to her by her mother, although there is no proof of this. She keeps the doll close and secreted away somewhere on her person at all times.

As she was nearing adulthood, Chanua's Papa sent the young girltroll with a message for someone in Orgrimmar. The message was wrapped carefully in linens and she carried it in a leather satchel. She never read the message or even so much as opened the satchel and was not asked to deliver a reply. It's possible she was selected to deliver the message because she was known to be too simple to be curious about what was inside. That and even at such a young age she was already achieving a reputation as an errand girl. Why on earth a Frostmane would need to get a message to Orgimmar, Chanua never thought to ask.

Once in Orgrimmar she was quickly distracted by doing small tasks for cityfolk. As it is, for the past three or four years or so, she has resided in Orgrimmar as a Frostmane. She has forgotten who she delivered the message to and she has been so distracted by life in the city that she has essentially forgotten to return home. She's not actually an extremely forgetful troll, but she does have a tendency to promise to do too many things for too many people. She lives so much in the present that it never occured to her that her return might be expected. She has learned passable accented Orcish during her time in the city.

She has not experienced much conflict with other resident trolls, as her simplicity seems most often blamed on her personality and not her birthplace. However, she has never tried to hide where she is from in the same way she has trouble hiding anything.

Very recently she has heard the name of Trinda and her Frostmane revival and it occurred to Chanua that, as a Frostmane, maybe she should contact Trinda. Trinda agreed to let her into the Tribe as a whelp. Who knows what the Frostmane future might bring for Chanua? Maybe they'll convince her to pay a visit home?

OOC Notes Edit

((Her history is very much mutable and up for editing and retcon as I learn how I really want her to be. The basic ideas I had for her were naive/simple/young and Frostmane. Her motivation is an inherent natural helpfulness. I tried to combine her simplicity with her inherent helpfulness in order to explain how she got from Dun Morogh to Orgrimmar in the first place. However, the basis behind that travel is vague for a reason. I'll figure it out as I go. My current idea is that her "Papa" was planning a nice icy hex for someone who happened to be in Orgimmar, perhaps some sort of traitor, and sent Chanua because he knew her unquestioning obedience would get the job done. Her memory loss about the event and her subsequent forgetting to attempt a return are due to the hex's final effects. However, she and her explanations will remain flexible for some time because I'm new at this and don't want to box myself in due to my own noobishness. :D))

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