Vital StatsEdit

Name: Chiseta Hakubi (Chi to her friends).
Title: Estranged Paladin and Officer of Rini Dieb.
Race: Human.
Class: Paladin.
Age: 18


Chiseta is a woman in her late teens or early twenties. She has black, silky hair and violet eyes, along with a few freckles high up on her cheeks. She is very short in stature, at only 5'4", and very petite. Despite this, she displays tremendous strength, which is something of a mystery. She tends to wear a variety of outfits, preferring clothes that are either very light or very dark in their color scheme. Currently she is usually found wearing a suit of dark violet, red and black armor.


Chiseta's personality is something of a loose cannon. She can go from perky and cheerful, to withdrawn and remorse in a matter of moments, depending on the situation. Overall, she tries to keep an upbeat and friendly appearance to others, and will usually not hesitate a moment to help others. She is somewhat quick to anger, and extremely defendant of her friends.


The life lostEdit

Born the daughter of a trade merchant named Jun Hakubi, and his wife Lim. She was the younger of their two children. She and her sister Wakaba travelled with their parents all over the globe, trading between all civilized cultures living on Azeroth.

Unfortunately, the time she spent with her loving family was short. At the age of six, just outside of the town of Raven Hill, a small group of bandits attacked and raided the caravan her family was travelling in.

Her parents were killed by the bandits, and her sister seperated from her. Before the bandits could kill her and a few others in the caravan a band of knights from the High Church of Lorderon arrived.

The seasoned knights slew the bandits without mercy, and took Chiseta in, saving her from certain death.

Relocated to a small orphanage near the outskirts of Lorderon, she spent her time alone, and unwilling to make friends with the other children. Two years passed by like an unnoticable blink of an eye. It was after that time that three members of a church faction payed a visit to the orphanage. Three people who appeared to be of great nobility, and power.

Training under the Red ScarEdit

Chiseta would not remember the name of the white haired knight until much later in life, but Culgan MacDougal, the head of Cardinal Jeane Mathis' bodyguards, would remember her for years to come. The second was the Cardinal herself. Jeane Mathis, the head of the radical church movement known then as the Red Scar. Finally, the third visitor. A man clothed from head to toe in black robes, who spoke without being heard, and commanded a powerful presence of darkness.

The three spoke with the head of the orphanage, and by the end of the day, Chiseta, along with five other young girls, were all taken from the orphanage, to the headquarters of the Red Scar.

For the next four years, the girls were all trained in the arts of combat, and to utilize the powers of the light for the benifit of the Cardinal. One of them, was to become Culgan's successor as Cardinal Mathis' bodyguard. He trained them rigorously, and without mercy, to become powerful unstoppoble shields for their cause. In the first two years, two of the six girls died from exhaution during training. A third died one year after that when Culgan killed her for talking back to him during training.

The remaining three girls, Chiseta among them, continued to train, losing any remorse for their fallen comrades, and focusing only on the tasks Culgan set out before them.

After the fourth year of training, Culgan announced that his job was finished. Each of the girls had enough skill to beat most of the guards of Lorderon, at the mere age of twelve. It was at this time, that the strange man in black, who now still remained anonymous, took each of the girls in private.

He sent them into a deep sleep, and using arcane magic, spliced each of their souls apart and inserted creatures of his own creation. Three demons of light.

Meant to enhance their already accute powers over the light, and fuel their rage and loyalty to Cardinal Mathis, it was the final step, and final test in the creation of her elite bodyguards.

Chiseta, was the only one to live to see the next day.

Culgan set out to test her abilities immediately, but was dissappointed as he cut Chiseta down early in the first bout he took against her. Culgan placed the man in black in shackles and demanded an explanation for the failure before he took his head. The man in black merely laughed at this and told him of the true nature of the demon of light, Loki.

It would fuel her rage, and empower her, but only after it completed it's assimilation into her soul. Outraged at this addition to their already overly patient schedule in Chiseta's developement, Culgan took the Man in Black's head, and sent Chiseta away, to be trained in solitude, while Loki grew in strength.

The fall of the ScarEdit

Meanwhile, during the wars against the Burning Legion and the Scourge, the radical group known as the Red Scar was branded as unclean during the cleansing of Lorderon by the ever maddening Prince Arthas, and the lady Cardinal Jeane Mathis was branded for cleansing. Before the guards who siezed her could execute the evil Cardinal, the unthinkable happened.

Succumbing to the plague that gripped the lands, Jeane Mathis tore free of her captors, murdering and rending their flesh as she left the city to join the rest of the Scourge gathering in lands. She was not to be seen again afterwards.

Rini DiebEdit

Six years passed as Chiseta was sent from church to church, and abbey to abbey. All the while becoming more and more dissatisfied with her lot in life. During the war against the Burning Legion, she was placed in seclusion as a guard of Northshire Abbey for three years. At the end of this, she finally decided to flee from her duty.

Fearing the regular churches and all those related to it, she wandered as far as she could, until during her travels, she came upon a young Night Elf named Farahl. Hiding part of her past, and merely telling her of her will to traverse the globe, Farahl came upon the idea to form a group of explorers to travel the world together. Thus, as time went by, Rini Dieb came into existance, and Chiseta found for the first time since losing her parents twelve years earlier, peace in her heart.

Death and RebirthEdit

A few months later, Culgan returned into her life in an attempt to use her as a test subject in his plan to revive Lady Jeane. After Chiseta sacrificed herself in a bid to save her friend Gelles from a psychotic demon, he stole her body and ressurected it as his personal guardian.

With help from the mysterious mage Walton, and several others, Culgan was defeated, but not after recieving a message from the Forsaken Lady Jeane that she would take no part in the evils of her past. Following several wounds inflicted by an irate Farahl, Culgan wandered into the Raven Hill Cemetary where he was devoured by the Scourge, and had his remains subsequently blown to pieces by Farahl. After her true ressurection preformed by Gelles, she became attached to her friend in a way that could only be described as love.

She now appears older than before the ressurection, by about four years, and seems to have matured as well. However, the wherebouts of Loki, and the appearance of a deranged doppleganger named Chixan weigh heavy on her mind recently. Seeking the advice of the Arch Bishop Benedictus, she now begins a journey to find her true place in life, and accept the burden of her role as a Paladin in the service of the Light.

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