Race: Human
Age: 25
Birthplace: Arathi Highlands
Class: Warrior
Professions: Alchemist and Herbalist
Affiliations: Knight ofThe Forgotten Order.


Chris often has mussed up hair and smudges of dirt and blood on his face. He has higher cheekbones than some, and he is of slighter build then most young men. But that may be attribute to his youth....or perhaps something else.


Most that meet Chris would say that he is a "go getter." Always eager to get things done, and often letting his young hot headedness lead the way.

Because of his size, he is often called "small" or "weak." He challenges any who say this. Growing indignant and insisting the proper word is "wirey."

"You wanna go, huh...I can take the whole lot a ya!"


The LadyEdit

Chris was in fact born Lady Christine Marie De'Winter, to Duke Armaldan De'Winter of the Arathi Highlands.

She spent most of her youth going between the De'Winter estate in the Highlands, and that of the Silverwind Family in Westfall. Her closest friend being Fenebae Silverwind. But that is another family, with its own sad tales.

She had one brother, Nielm. Older by five years, Nielm was a warrior and knight. Christine idolized her brother. Envied as well. Each time he would return home she would beg to hear stories of where he'd been and what he had seen. Often convincing him to give her fencing lessons or teach her to use his crossbow.

Her father never did approve (not that he approved of anything at all really), it was not fitting for a Lady to do such things. Though Christine never was the stereotypical "lady."

By the time she was twenty-four her father had decided to arrange a marriage with a Gentleman from the Theramore area. Christine was furious at being used like a trading commodity. However, it would only be the start.

Soon after Nielm was stripped of his title of Knight, and branded a traitor. No one would speak of the details to Christine. Nielm was taken to Stormwind for trial where Armaldan spoke against his own son, verifying any accusations.

He was executed on April 20th. A day, Christine wrote in her Journal, as being the saddest she had yet known.

Determined to be free from her father and to discover the truth behind what was done to her brother, Christine ran away. Using a sword she hacked off her long blonde hair and found what little armor she could in what had been her brother's room. Stealing one of her father's best horses she began the long journey to Elwynn.

The Warrior Edit

She shortened her name to Chris and began adopting mannerisms and speach patterns that would not easily allow her to be recognized. Going through the painstaking process of binding down her chest daily with long bandages, smudging coal dust on her face, and mussing up her hair.

Some would look at the "young man" before them and call him small, but not many questioned. People are eager to believe what they see and is told them.

Not long in Elwynn, Chris met a fellow by the name of Tekaan Avasa'Lira. Tekaan offered the basement of a local tavern he ran for the lad to stay in and Chris eagirly accepted. Anything was better than fighting the dogs for the hay bales in the stable corners.

It was several months later that Mr. Avasa'Lira had a proposition for the young warrior. Knowing of Chris's strong desire to be a Knight he offered him a place in The Forgotten Order where he soon achieved the position.

Determined and loyal Knight Chris (known by nothing more) still serves in the Order. Christine De'Winter, still seeks answers daily for her brother.

Captain De'WinterEdit

Now and then Christine likes to shed the disguise, though she may enjoy some of the freedoms of being "Chris" it is not her true self. It was during one of these times, that she ran into Stasar Reede.

Reede was not unfamiliar to her. A bartender at the Wisps and Spirits and known lady's man. He was alwasy telling Chris how to woe women, and using the phrase "hopeless lad." He went by Uncle Stasar.

It was inevitable that Christine would eventually fall for a man, and as she likes to put it, ironic that it was this one. She tries not to worry about it, though she knows she'll eventually have to tell him the truth. She is merely glad to find some form of contentment for the time being.

Starting as an inside joke, Reede dubbed her "Captain" De'Winter. However, it's grown on her a bit. Does she really do any pirating? Well...a lady doesn't plunder and tell.

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