Clofan TreefallEdit

Race: Quel'dorei
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Rogue
Professions: Enchanter/Herbalist
Affiliations: Unknown

Appearance: Clofan has an aura of mystery about him. He carries packs filled with costumes and props for his performances, as well as several musical instruments. He often plays with a mirrored sphere in one hand, which can seem to be several spheres at once. He is tall and thin, even for an Elf, and his face carries an expression of calculated mischef.


Clofan is a performer, and uses sweeping dramatic gestures to accentuate his speech. He is quick to smile, but his smile has just a hint of menace about it, at times. Very little is known about him, outside of the amiable and dramatic public face he puts forth.


Once Upon a Time...Edit

Like all good performers, Clofan's past is clouded in mystery and shadow. He has recently appeared in the Horde lands, offering to tell fortunes and tales, and seems to be looking for somewhere to shake the dust off of his boots.

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