Current InformationEdit

The clan has once again become an all-Troll organization.
Their goal is simply to preserve Trollish culture and to reinvigorate Trollish faith.
The clan is currently lead by Tolrath and Mel'Lodi.


The Coldblood Blitz Clan was founded by Trinda, Zul'janda, Zakakin and Zakiue. It began as an extension of the Frostmane Tribe . After several trials and tribulations, the extension was dissolved and the remnants formed a new clan. The name pays tribute to the roots of the clan and also implies a certain roughness and toughness.

Clan Colours

Blue and white are the Coldblood colours.

They represent the sky and the snow. Paying homage to the wind and the ice.

The symbol in the centre is a snowflake with a martial twist, in that it can also be seen as a throwing star. It was dubbed by the Frostmane extension as the snow-star and the Coldbloods have carried on that tradition.

In its earlier form, the trim was a solid white bar. However, when the clan returned to its all-Troll roots, they revisited the skull and bone trim.


The Founding
The Frostmane extension had been unceremoniously dissolved. It was so abrupt that most of the members didn't even know what had happened until Trinda sent out messages to all of them explaining the situation.

Trinda almost decided to become a freelance mercenary, fighting in the snowy Alterac Mountains, if only to feel at home in the ice and in battle. Several of the old group told her that if that's what she did, they would follow. Understanding that they weren't about to let her go, she asked them if they would like to form a new family. One that surpassed blood ties or even racial ties to an extent. Their answer was an solid yes.

Trinda, Ujanda, Zakakin and Zakiue sat down together and discussed different names and meaning for this new clan. They decided on a name that would remind them where the clan began and something that sounded fairly rough. "Coldblood Blitz." It spoke of their beginnings in the Frostmane and the harsher outlook most of them had on life. It also implied swiftness. One young Troll felt the need to add, "It sounds cool."

As for their tabard; it was Trinda's design to begin with, so they retained the same colours as those they wore as Frostmane. The only difference, was that they replaced the tribal skull and bones trim with a solid white trim.

The old goals of unification and reclamation were tossed aside. Attempts to reclaim lands would be futile without the unity of the tribes. Attempts to have people meet and band together had only ever ended in bickering and quarrels. They would no longer beg to help people. If the clan offered their services and were not met with enthusiasm, they would walk away and let the people fend for themselves. No more convincing others why they needed help.

The Coldbloods no longer had incredibly grand goals. Rather, they had only two simple ones. Get stronger and survive. Their main priority would be combating the Burning Legion and the Scourge. However, the Alliance remained in their sights as well.

Several members within the clan had their own reasons for agreeing to this, but the outcome was the same. They decided that they would ally with the Horde, but remain outside of its authority.

The former Troll-only group now welcomed Tauren and Orcs with open arms, if they saw eye to eye. They wouldn't be mere Speakers either, but full fledged members. The Blood Elves and Undead were still not to be allowed into their ranks.

Finally, a few members hold their cultures and traditions close to their hearts. So, there is a subgoal not adopted by all of the clan to keep certain aspects of their cultures alive. As such, cultural "seminars" and ceremonies would be held, but not considered mandatory by any means.

Once the founding members were all in agreement as to what they were about, they began wearing the colours and slowly introduced the worlds to the Coldblood Blitz Clan.

Coldblood WarbandsEdit

The truce between the Alliance and Horde was shaky at best. Raiders affiliated with both sides would harass the others' supply lines and fringe outposts. Among those raiders were the Coldblood Blitz, who claimed that it was retribution for attacks on Horde lines. They frequently attacked settlements and caravans to weaken the enemy. Sometimes the warband was forty or more strong and they dared to attack larger towns. Other times, there were only a few warriors and this was when they opted to use hit and run guerrilla tactics. Sometimes the warband was successful, other times it was disastrous. Officially, the Horde never recognized the warband's deeds. Unofficially, especially at the often attacked outposts, the warband was considered heroic.

Shortly before the expeditions to Northrend, the Coldblood Warband ceased activity.

Dissolution and RevivalEdit

With the death of Trinda, many no longer felt the connection to the clan. The members went their separate ways. Some to other clans and guilds, others went soul searching on their own. A few still bore the colours, but the clan was a shadow of its former self and remained that way for roughly two years.

Following some eyeopening discussions with a fellow priest, Mel'Lodi (one of the few remaining members) approached his clanmate, Tolrath. They spoke at length regarding the state of the clan, the state of Trolls and the state of the world in general. The pair decided that a group or leaders was needed to reinvigorate the Trolls. Since the Coldblood had essentially dissolved and they were the only active members left, they took it upon themselves to reshape the clan into an all-Troll organization. Together they would begin rebuilding and putting Trolls on the right path once again.

Out of Character notes and Contact InfoEdit

The guild is currently recruiting Trolls of all levels and classes.
The guild forum is:
Access must be granted by the admin in order to view the boards and post due to spam bot attacks in the past.

Warbands was also known as Wednesday night warriors as it was traditionally held on Wednesdays. It is currently on an indefinite hiatus.

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