Description Edit

Name: Corentin Leslie Murphy
Gender: Male
Faction: Horde
Race: Forsaken
Age: 24 (prehumous)
Place of Birth: Sheffield, near Darrowshire
Class: Warrior
Profession: Miner, Herbalist
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Guild: Curse
Appearance: His hair wild and oily, sallow skin stapled and sutured together, exposed bones showing through a rickety improvised suit of armor or whatever torn clothing he happens to be wearing, it's obvious death has not been kind to Corentin. Glowing yellow eyes peer out from behind a pair of circular spectacles set on thin gold frames, making him look oddly scholarly for both a walking corpse and an errant soldier. A pair of white roses are bound to the shaft of his spear just below the head, tied on with a bit of barbed wire.

Work in Progress Edit

Check back later for more.

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