Cretila dead

Vital Stats Edit

Name: Cretila
Nicknames: Cret
Affiliation: Reckless Ascension
Race: Forsaken
Class: Warrior
Specialization: Meat Shield
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Skin Color:

Appearance Edit

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Personality Edit

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Origins Edit

Childhood Edit

Beware; this is not a story for the faint of heart or young of mind. Marcus Jonathan Cretila was born and raised in a brothel by his mother Rachel. She assumed that the father was a John from the traveling circus who visited her chambers around the appropriate time. Rachel was a good mother, who did whatever possible to make sure her little Marc was taken care of; morally she did too much. Often times, Marcus would play in his crib, in the same room where his mother worked her trade.

As a toddler, he was oblivious to his environment, but as time passed, the young boy began to learn the wrong things. Visitors would be abusive to his mother as he slept in the corner, receiving these false impressions of the world. In turn, he would verbally and physically abuse his mother along with other people; that was all he knew. His antics drew business away from the bordello, and all suffered from his temper. Finally, the madam had enough and gave Rachel the ultimatum of staying alone or both of them leaving.

Teens Edit

At the age of thirteen, Marcus Cretila was given a few copper pieces, a loaf of bread, and sent on his way. He wandered Lordaeron for months, sleeping in haystacks or in trees. Eating whatever he could find, mostly including trash, and berries when he was in between cities. Most people would think a life of solitude would turn someone to desperation, Marc turned to rage.

One day, the carriage of Duke Jerin Buettin passed by Marcus on the roads. The Duke adopted the boy, taking him into his home and treating him like a son. Marcus lived with the Duke for three years, becoming educated in both mind and war. One day he overheard the Duke certifying his last will and testament. His faux son would inherit ninety percent of his estate upon death. He spent a few months buttering up the Duke while the will was legalized.

Marc was in the courtyard practicing his swordsmanship when the Duke approached him with the good news that his will was set in stone. Those were his last words; the heir approached him in embrace and stuck his dagger in the old man’s ribs. He traveled the homestead, beheading every servant that he approached. Then he dragged all the bodies into the courtyard and burned them, with much of the fire drifting to the house. Quickly, Marc gathered up some clothing, money, a horse and fled to the north.

On his way, he passed the property of a rich dairy farmer who the Duke would invite for dinner quite often. Marcus did not like the way the farmer’s wife looked at him. She was very snotty towards the boy and treated him as a servant instead of a son of a friend. He pulled his horse to the side of the woods and changed into a fancier outfit. As he trotted up the path to the home, he asked one of the farmers if the lady of the house was present. He replied that she was, and could be found in her chambers. He let the farmer stable his horse and opened the door for him. Marc proceeded to slay everyone inside the house, except the farmer’s wife. He stole the money from the safes and changed out of his bloodstained clothing. Flinging the doors of her chambers wide open, he threw a small dagger in her arm with a note attached. Then he lit a match and threw it up into the straw roof. As the farmer’s wife burned alive, she read the note; “Our hearts may be black, but yours will be charred.”

Adult Edit

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Undeath Edit

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