Basic Information Edit


Full Name: Crilidonia Zaranthus Dawnstalker

Age: 100 (Average)

Occupation: Enchanter, Jewelcrafter

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Female

Quote: "What does this anger and sadness make me? Evil? Perhaps. I could not care less."

Normal Facial Expression: Sad, or angry

Appearance Edit

Crilidoe is very much a female. Her hair is thin, almost whispy, gold in color. Her lips are a bright blood red and her face is pale, save for slightly pink cheeks. Her eyes are green, with the slightest hint of a blue tint in them.

Personality Edit

Crilidoe is very silent, keeping to herself, a very solitary creature. At first she seems quite meek and gentle, her voice a soft whisper when she speaks. Then, should you make her angry, a fiery temper springs, seemingly from nowhere, taking most completely by surprise. Her voice always remains a whisper, even when angry, which makes her seem all the more disturbing and frightful.

Crilidoe carries herself as one burdened, head almost always hanging, or covered in a hood.

Childhood Edit

Crilidonia Dawnstalker was born to Alladar and Zaranthus Dawnstalker. Her mother, Alladar was a respected priestess, while her father, Zaranthus was a rogue, with a addiction to adventure and a knack for getting into trouble. Her father was hardly around during Crilidoe's childhood and her mother took care of raising Crilidoe.

The girl was very talkative, unlike today, and had a very diligent persona, throwing herself into any and all studies with a need to learn and consume all knowledge the world had to offer. She loved the fact that one could never stop learning, though she did her best to learn everything. At the age of seven, Crilidoe found she a had a strong holy power and her mother immediately took her to be trained as a priestess, thanking the gods that her daughter had taken her mother's path, instead of her father's.

Sethanus Edit

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