Cristopher StoneEdit

Race: Human
Age: 16-18 (actual age unknown)
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Rogue
Professions: Herbalist, Alchemist, Cook, First Aid Physician, Fisherman
Affiliations: Spy and assassin for Ravenholdt and SI:7

Appearance: Cristopher is lean and muscular. His silky red hair contrasts sharply with his pale skin; skin which shows a distinct lack of familiarity with sunlight. His features, more pretty than handsome, feature emerald green eyes and a set of full lips.


Cristopher is a young man with many contrasting qualities. Though he is often shy, especially among large groups of people, he can be very fierce when someone he cares about is threatened. He is kind and considerate, especially to his friends and animals, yet he also works as a ruthless spy and assassin for more than one covert group. He is seemingly insecure; on the other hand, he knows that he is "pretty" and dresses quite skimpily without qualms.

Cris is a young man, and he currently hovers between what he was and what he will become. Sometimes he is content to hide in the shadows and watch events unfold, but in the next moment he may be mercilessly acting towards his goals with no care towards those who get in his way. It remains to be seen if he will be a man of great compassion or one who treads the brink of being a sociopath... Or someone in between the two.


A turtle given as a gift from an orphan, this is no ordinary creature. Speedy lives up to his name, usually coming to Cristopher's side faster than his horse can. While he sometimes exhibits an almost human intelligence, the small turtle can also act just like the rest of his species at times.

He is very loyal to Cristopher, and often can be seen listening patiently as the young man pours out his thoughts and feelings.


A chestnut mare who has colors to match her rider. Patience is just as patient as her name implies, though she is quite swift when necessary. Patience loves both Cristopher and Speedy, and when they are not with the young man, Patience clearly considers herself the turtle's guardian.



Growing up, Cristopher Stone was somewhat of a nomad. His parents were both merchants, and the child rarely stayed in one place for very long.

This was in no way a hardship, however.

His parents - their names forgotten but their faces etched in his memory - were very successful. Together they ran their own trade caravan, and were feted by nobles and the ypper class wherever they went. They roamed the Eastern Kingdoms, bringing their wares to all of the major cities, trading and selling not only the sundry and mundane, but also exotic and magical items obtained from their many contacts. Though he was the sole child in the caravan, Cristopher was never lonely. He was a bright, exuberant child, and the people who worked for his parents loved him as their own. Cook spent hours with him in the kitchen wagon, the gruff (of course) arms master gave the child rudimentary training, and the animal handlers introduced him to the mounts, oxen, pack animal, and smaller creatures that were a necessity to such an endeavor. His parents did not neglect him, either: Though they both were often busy, they found time for their son every day. They took him with them as they met kings and queens, wizards and merchant princes. Even the King of Stormwind himself wined and dined them from time to time.

This was their downfall. They did much work for him and the government of Stormwind, and it was common knowledge. Even after Van Cleef formed the rebellious Defias...

It was shortly after the Defias came into existence that they noticed the actions of the Stone caravan. Determined to put an end to it, the wily traitors laid an ambush for the caravan. Led by a treachorous guide, the caravan set out to a camping spot just east of the chapel in Northshire late one night, having finished selling goods after the sun had set. There, amongst the scattered and stately trees of Elwynn, the Defias attacked, led by Garrick Padfoot. A hail of arrows and bullets took out almost everyone in the caravan with the opening salvo. In moments, Cristopher became an orphan as his father was swept from the saddleby projectiles and his mother died from an arrow to the chest, drowning in her own blood.

The boy himself was in the kitchen wagon, watching Cook prepare the simple fare that the caravan was to eat before the end of this long day. His eyes grew wide at the shouts from outside, and at the way the blood drained from old Cook's face.

"Child, stay here!" she commanded hoarsely as she gripped her knife and went out the back of the now motionless wagon. Cristopher waited, quiet and afraid, hoping for Cook to return. When the door was flung open, however, it was not Cook who came through it. A man entered the wagon, dusty armor over his body and a red cloth over his face. In his hand was a bloody sword as he peered cautiously in, looking for further opposition. His cruel eyes above his mask glittered with malicious glee as he spotted the cowering child.

Grabbing the boy by the hair, he dragged Cristopher out of the wagon and shouted, "Lookee here, boys! We're havin' baby long pork tonight!" The other men and women uttered harsh barks of laughter, leering at the terrified child as he whimpered and tried to pry the fingers from his head.

"Hold your damn tongue," said a voice from behind, "And hand over your prize." The Defias clenched his jaw in anger, but turned and shoved the child forward, where he landed in a silently weeping pile at the feet of Garrick. The leader of the band reached down and hauled Cristopher roughly to his feet. "Well, boy. Looks like this is your lucky day. You've just gone from being a lackey of Stormwind to being a pet of the Defias."

The DefiasEdit

Over the next several years, these Defias became used to their pet and he to them. Cristopher grew accustomed to beatings, to being slapped down, to the crude suggestions these harsh men and women threw his way. He survived.

He survived by learning The Rules.

Don't be seen. Don't be heard. Do what you are told. Don't talk back. Keep things clean. Have food ready...

The list went on.

As the child grew into a young man, he learned many things from his captors, and not just The Rules. He learned how to blend into the shadows, how to wield a knife, how to lift someone's purse, how to find an opponent's weak spot... His hair grew longer; his body grew muscular. He could cook and tend their wounds, gather herbs and brew potions and poisons. The Defias now looked on him as a part of their camp, usually not even seeing him.

All but one Defias.

Their leader, Garrick Padfoot, watched as the child grew into a beautiful young man. A man who was Garrick's pet. Finally, after watching for so long, he could stand it no more. He called Cristopher to him and took the young man to his bed. To his surprise, he discovered that Cristopher was not unhappy to be there. Soon, the young man was his own personal pet, and he showed him what love he was capable of. In return, the boy fell in love with his captor and learned new additions to the rules.

Always be pretty. Always be clean. Never make Garrick angry...

He loved him in his own way, but that didn't stop Garrick from harshly punishing Cristopher whenever the mood struck him. Though the other Defias were now wary of the young man, afraid of their leader's reaction should they cross some line, Garrick had no qualms about savagely beating his youg lover. It was after one such treatment that something in the young man finally snapped. That night, after Garrick started to snore beside him, Cristopher used the skills he had learned from the rebels to sneak out of the camp, past the sentries. Wounded, he made his way across the woods, curling up in a leaf-filled hollow to sleep the day away once the sun rose. Only when it had set again did he continue.

Soon he had found his way to Northshire Abbey, the training grounds of the newest Alliance soldiers. The kindly priests cared for him until his wounds were healed, and seeing something in him, encouraged him to undergo the training. His teachers were surprised at how quickly the young man learned that which they set before him, not knowing anything of the past he kept hidden. Once he had mastered that which this simple training could give him, he was called upon to prove his skills.

"There is a man who is causing us a great deal of trouble. Find him, kill him, and bring us the head of the Defias, Garrick Padfoot."

With a nod, Cristopher slipped quietly into the shadows, where he felt safe. The next day, he returned to them, his training complete, the head of his former lover the proof of his skills and freedom.

The Wisps and SpiritsEdit

Free from the Defias, a rogue for the Alliance, Cristopher Stone left Northshire Abbey and headed for the village of Goldshire. There, he was told, he would find missions more suitable for a rogue of his skill. Once there, he was bewildered by the array of strange people, many of whom spoke in languages and dialects he did not know, but he quickly manged to find his contacts. He soon was gone from the village, working on his tasks. He would work tirelessly throughout the night, then find a hiding place in the woods to sleep the day away. he would only return to Goldshire when necessary.

Then, one evening, one of his contacts made a request of him. He was asked to go the city of Stormwind. He put it off as long as he could, but soon more and more contacts had missions for him in the human capitol. Finally, he decided to conquer his fear and do what was required, but he made a mistake. He misjusdged the amount of time it would take him to get what he needed and travel to the city.

He had just entered, trying not to tremble in fear at all of the strange faces that filled the city streets, even at this odd hour, when the first rays of sunlight burst over the city walls. The gentle morning light quickly burned away the shadows, burned away the hiding places. Terrified, Cristopher started to run, knocking aside indignant citizens in his headlong rush. Down streets and over bridges he rushed, so panic-stricken that he did not see what lay before or behind him. Suddenly, as he ran through a short tunnel, a park opened up before him. Green and inviting, without the looming buildings that so marked the rest of the city, it immediately comforted the young man, He walked through the soft grass, looking for someplace to hide, but there weren't enough trees here. What few there were might be looked into my locals. Then, he saw a doorway to his left. Going inside, he made his way to the basement of the Wisps and Spirits tavern and fell asleep behind a giant barrel.

Cristopher soon considered that hiding spot his home. Every morning before dawn, he crept back there. As he went in and out, he soon became aware of the strange goings on. Even as he grew more skilled, he watched the people of the tavern and grew to consider them friends, even if they did not know he existed at first. He watched Jamie Redshaw and admired the man's skills and confidence. He saw a strange woman named Pook and giggled to himself about her funny mode of speech. These and many others he watched, but soon his favorites were Saraich Spearhewer and Draeg Flamebeard. These two dwarves were clearly in love, and seemed very nice. Once Cristopher saw the way that a man named Cromwell threatened them, he attempted to intervene. He warned Saraich of his plots, and of the strange actions of the crazed dwarf Dalin... Until Cromwell and his love Corvissia, a skilled hunter, took notice of him. Cristopher fled in terror, but returned to the city in time to see a strange parade of people headed together through the Dwarven District. This group included all of those he knew from the tavern, and several others. Curious as to why these enemies would journey together, the young man followed. This trek, a lengthy walk to Stratholme in the Plaguelands, was to save a man named Tybilt, loved by many of these people. Soon, the group revealed themselves to Cristopher, and offered him friendship, but he stayed apart and in the shadows. This was the turning point, however. After returning from the lengthy journey, Cristopher revealed himself more and more to these friends. Soon, Jinx Bauble gave hm a key to the cupboards and offered him a room at the tavern. He chose to stay in the basement.

Eventually, the Wisps invited Cristopher to join them permanently, and he agreed. The young man, by now an agent of both SI:7 and Ravenholdt , a formidable spy and assassin, made his still shy home in the basement of a peace-loving tavern.

Recent TimesEdit

Cristopher now had a number of friends, but he would soon make his closest one: A turtle named Speedy. During Orphan's Week, the reluctant rogue took a chattering child on a tour of Azeroth. Despite his annoyance at the child's ability to give away hiding spots, he was very kind to the boy, who in return gave him a little turtle named Speedy, ensuring that someone would always be on hand to give away Cris's location.

The two were inseparable, and even as Cristopher was dragged farther and farther into the darkness inspired by Sebastian Cromwell, the turtle was a constant reminder of the lighter side of life.

Still, even Speedy was hurt as Cristopher clashed agaiin and again with members of the Westbrook Light Brigade and their nemeses, the Dark Masters. Also hurt was Andrex, a young man that Cristopher was growing close to. In anger, Cristopher made a deal with one of the Dark Masters, Lady Cynthia Optique. She helped him to kidnap both Corvissia and Pook. She then gave Pook up to the nefarious Guzzler, who placed a magical collar on her, and traded Corvissia to Cromwell so that he would release Remrant from a magical contract. In response, the renegade Brigade members used Saraich's safety as blackmail to force Flamebeard to call Cristopher into a trap at the tavern. Once he arrived, they beat the young man, placed a collar around his neck, and held him to ta table as Cromwell drove spikes through his hands and feet. They then set the tavern on fire and left laughing. Flamebeard was forced to put out the flames to prevent them from reaching the liquor in the basement, which would cause a massive explosion, before tending to Cristopher. Once finally free of the spikes, the wounded young man refused Flamebeard's aid. He was soon taken to the Cathedral for healing by Jinx. Once he was patched up and his armor repaired, Jinx placed her most powerful enchantments on his blades to help him. She then went to confront Cromwell and his followers.

Once there, she showed them her anger even as did Draeg who had arrived first. Cristopher, having stealthily entered behind them, mocked the Brigade members. When Draeg and Miss Bauble emerged, Cristopher showed the hurting dwarf that he considered him a traitor and turned his back on him. The next day, Saraich and Draeg Flamebeard left the Wisps to start The Peacemaker's League, a continuation of Draeg's father's work. Jinx left as well, upset over the recent events. Feeling alone, and no longer seeing the place of his torture as a sanctuary, Cristopher also left the Wisps and Spirits.

That day, he ventured to Eastvale Logging Camp to buy a horse. Uncertain of which to buy, he felt a something at his shoulder. Spinning around, he found himself staring into the eyes of a beautiful chestnut mare. She didn't move as he looked at her, just gazing back, patiently, even as Speedy ran in excited circles around her hooves. Smiling, Cristopher bought her, and named his new friend Patience.

Since leaving the Wisps, Cristopher attempted to use Jeanpaul in an attempt to control Cromwell, but was betrayed by Phinn, a supposed friend. This led to the capture of Prrow, whom Cris had befriended and referred to as "Lady." Embittered once again, Cristopher still managed to find and rescue Prrow and return her to The Westbrook Garrison. Since, his burgeoning love with Andrex has suffered a blow as the young man left him, telling him they could never be together for Cris's sake. Unbeknownst to Andrex, Cristopher followed both him and Merrick and knows that the late Cyrille, Merrick's mother and a Dark Master, did something to Andrex that makes him now dangerous to Cristopher. What will Cristopher do to find out what it is and remedy the situation, and what will he to do Phinn if he finds her...?

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