Croggath Axeshard
Game Information
Race Orc
Class Warrior
Guild The Broken Exiles, formerly of the Black Tooth Grin Clan
Professions Grunt (retired)
Vital Statistics
Height 6'9"
Weight 415 lbs.
Build Slightly Lethargic
Hair Gray
Eyes Jade
Personal Information
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Age 60
Birthplace Draenor
Current Residence Durotar

"Long live the Horde! Lok tar ogar!"


This aged orc carries many visible battle scars akin to honored warriors of the Horde. His dull-green skin and graying hair highlight his longevity, while his jade green eyes seem to be glazed over, signifying a slight malaise.

Any who understand orcish clan history might noticed his preferred armor resembles greatly that of the Blackrock Clan. When he juts out his lower jaw, you can clearly make out that one large tooth in the front is missing. All his other teeth and tusks are present, if fairly discolored.

He has a somewhat hidden limp that favors his left leg. His Orcish seems slightly sketchy and accented, as if he hasn't been using the language in some time.


Born in Draenor before the corruption of the Orcs by the Burning Legion, Crogg lived under Blackhand the Destroyer as part of the Blackrock Clan. With the sweeping demonic taint, Crogg later defected to Rend Blackhand's clan soon before the opening of the portal.

As a member of the Blacktooth Grin Clan, Crogg defended the Dark Portal from within the Black Morass over two great wars. But after finding out about the slaying of the Frostwolf's chief, Durotan, and the disappearance of the new Warchief, Ogrim Doomhammer, Crogg left his Clan and hid in the swamps while the rest of his kind were captured and interned.

There, as the veil of demonic corruption slowly lifted, and the lethargy of a bloodlust lost kicked in, Crogg barely survived in the harsh swamps on his own. Luckily, he stumbled into a camp of other refugees from his former home, the Broken Exiles. Begrudgingly at first, the former Draenei race nursed the orc to health, freeing him from his blood addiction with their shamanistic rituals. After being allowed into their clan, Crogg made a blood pact with the leader of the refugees, Magtoor, and swore to aid his friends in need.

Recently, Crogg was picked up by a patrol from Stonard. After finding out about the new Warchief, the son of Durotan, being given command of the horde by Doomhammer himself, he has sworn an allegiance to the New Horde and vowed vengeance against Rend Blackhand and the vile orc betrayers.

Naztheros: The RendbladeEdit

(Under constuction)

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Crogg still has a piece of his first axe in his leg from his first battle, hence his name.

Stories & LinksEdit

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