Name: Anshur the Crow
Race: Blood Elf
Age: Young; one could hazard to guess 27 in human years.
Class: Paladin
Professions: Undetermined
Birthplace: No certificates exist to clarify this fact at the moment.
Current Residence: Unknown, though most of her kin suggest searching the nearest creepy attic.
Alignment: Neutral
Status: "Probably hiding in a nest somewhere," "Crow? Haven't seen her around lately, but I don't really want to," "Bloody... if you're looking for her, why don't you just go out and caw on a rooftop?" are the reports from the locals. (( Aka, waiting for the expansion to come out. ))
Appearance: "Crow," as she is typically called, is a small-ish blood elf with a thin, wiry build. Her hair and eyebrows have a texture comparable to hay. With her punctuated features and narrow eyes, she's not particularly attractive, but she's not as agonizing to look at as, say, the Princess of Maraudon.

Rarely is she seen without her prized helmet.

About the BirdEdit



As a reserved and wary figure, much of Crow's personality is left to the imagination. She doesn't often speak: as many of her cohorts have found out, her actions do the talking.

This, of course, gets very annoying at the dinner table.

Wait... About the BIRD?Edit

Since the first time a child shrieked the nickname at her during playtime, Crow's real name fell into disuse. Her quick, birdlike movements and tendency to perch rather than sit earned her the avian title, as did the fact that crows of some variety always seem to be fluttering within a block of her.

She's that one neighbor, you know, the one nobody really wants to talk to. She isn't exactly a madwoman, but she's certainly not June Cleaver, either.

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