Name: Daaro
Race: Draenei
Class: Mage
Age: Around 7000
Birthplace: Nagrand
Residence: Shattrath

Daaro the Flameweaver is a visibly older draenei, but his genial attitude often hides his true age. Long studied in the arcane arts, he is perhaps less tightly-laced than his more devout brethren and is something of an eccentric. This is not to say that he is without his scars; most of his family were lost in the fall of Karabor.

But time dulls the pain of loss, and these days Daaro prefers to think of all young draenei as his kin, in a way, and is eager to amaze them with a spell or two. He is well settled in Shattrath city and does not venture far from it often, although he is fascinated by the other races of Azeroth and intent to learn more about them.

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