General Information Edit

Full Name: Dag Swordweaver
Nickname: Dag
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Specialty: Mostly sneaky/stabby (real professional like that)
Age: 26
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Home: Wherever he ends up
Guild Affiliation: The Felsworn Sail
Professions: Skinning/Leatherworking
Motto: "Duck."
Languages "Officially" Known: Common, Demonic, Darnassian

Appearance Edit

Human, pirate in accent and in some mannerisms. He's got a roguish beard and mustache, and his hair is grown out, tied back simply, all dark ebony. His eyes are green.

History Edit

Unknown PastEdit

Despite being very open and honest with almost everyone he meets, surprising little is known about Dag's past. It is believed he joined the art of piracy at an early age, and has enjoyed it until today. Nothing is known of his parents or his childhood.

The Underfoot Gang Edit

Dag stumbles across a band of pirates and misfits named the Underfoot Gang. The charismatic Captain Meliawen Skyrose captures his heart as soon as he joins. (Though she didn’t know that!) He finds himself becoming extraordinarily energetic and loyal to this group, rising quickly through the ranks despite his inexperience. However, when the gang seems to be at it’s peak, he disappears. After a month he’s presumed dead… only to reappear, utterly confused, and that absent time a blank spot in his memory. He clings to the gang… slowly realizing that the Underfoot Gang is deteriorating. With a heavy heart, he informs Meliawen and his fellow enforcer, Ashaila… that he’s leaving.

A Gathering… The Felsworn Sail Edit

Still keeping in contact with the Underfoots, Dag sets off on his own. One fateful day in Stormwind… he meets a group that will change his life. Spying on the mage, Kathias Tigerheart, whom he sees talking in the street with none other, then Jaelin Dawncrest, Dag can’t help but be intrigued. Soon he’s on a wild adventure of demons, paladins gone rogue, and pirates. His adventures with this group are too numerous to tell all about… but here’s some of it. His corrupting journies to Hyjal, the Zul’Gurub transformation, and admitting his love to Meliawen Skyrose, who joined the Felsworn Sail along with many other Underfoot refugees. Another event was attempts by Gaven and Periah to destroy the guild from the inside out. Getting a little closer to the present… we have Dag’s ultimate corruption along with his companion, Jakari Moonrage. Power hungry, he attempts to kill Meliawen, losing both his eyes. He continues his quest for more and more power, becoming undead, and second-in-command to the rogue Lich, Merix Lan’dar. Finally, Meliawen regroups the remnants of the Sail, converting… or killing… those that stayed evil. Finally he struggles free of his power lust, ashamed and shunned by some of the Felsworn, he exiles himself from Stormwind, living among, and training with the elves. Finally, he rejoins the Felsworn Sail under a blood oath.

Present Edit

Personality Edit

Ever the sarcastic, if good-natured, pirate. He's fiercly loyal and trusting in his friends. Whenever Dag or his friends are in trouble he shows a hidden sense of chivalry, valor.(Though he'd say he was bluffing!) His previously moody attitude is rather happy at the moment.

...Love? Edit

After betraying Meliawen, Dag had fallen into seclusion. He found himself working with, and enjoying the company of an elven druid named Zenith Starsight. Zenith, using her profficient abilities in alchemy and nature, discovers a way to give him control of the demon within him. Eager to return the help... he tries to find out more about her, discovering a tragic and painful past. He confronts her on it, making her face the past. Though it's a hard experience... she comes through. Dag, having slowly becoming atatched to Zenith... realized he loved her.

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