Dalene McCloud
Vital Statistics
Race Human
Class Paladin
Guild Khorium Inferno
Professions Tailoring
Personal Information
Age 31
Birthplace Goldshire
Marital Status Single
Relatives Jezabeth (sister, deceased), Amber (daughter)
Occupation Adventurer


A rather average looking woman, with several piercings in her nose, and eyebrow. Her once beautiful red hair has turned gray almost over night since her sister's death, and her near death episode. Strapped to her back the shovel she buried her sister with. She is always carrying it around as a reminder about the light and those who should and can be saved.

Raised with the ideas that everyone should be treated equal, Dalene shows that in her everyday actions. She is kind when others are cruel. Yet, she can have her moments of not trusting anyone. Fun loving with those she trusts, and stern with those she doesn't. She tries to see the light in everyone.

Yet to every bright light there is a dark center and hers seems to stem with the death of her twin sister, Jezabeth. Dalene and Jezabeth found themselves in a Horde ambush leaving one them dead. If not for a young Elf Druid saving Dalene's life she to would have died too.



Dalene’s youth was spent on her family farm with her twin and her mother. Her father spent most of his time traveling the roads selling wares to keep his family in good standing. For Dalene her childhood was a simple affair, she was the tomboy and her twin sister Jezabeth was the princess. Yet, as she grew older she found a calling towards the Light. While her beautiful twin found her calling with Warlocks. Even as children the two girls were raised to be at odds.

It was not a perfect childhood, but as the girls grew they seemed happy. When the time came Dalene left the farm to learn the ways of her calling as a Paladin. That is when she met Merrlien a Paladin dwarf.


Dalene in her robes

Young AdulthoodEdit

After her training with Merrlien, Dalene returned to Goldshire to find her sister living alone in the family farm. It seemed both her parents had been killed by illness, living Jezabeth alone in the world. Dalene knew she had to protect her Warlock sister, and save her from the darkness that was eating away at her. The twins lived together in harmony or at least tried to.

Yet, Jezabeth’s longing for the darkness soon lead the two girls down a path, which destroyed them both. The Horde trapped which “killed” Jezabeth, left Dalene a mess. She was on the edge of death when Fenor saved her life.

After leaving Fenor’s care she searched out her mentor Merrilen. Merrlien had trained her in the ways of being a Paladin. Yet, when she found herself at the home of Merrlien, the news was not happy. Bellonich, Merrlien’s husband, informed her of his wife’s death. It was another blow to Dalene, which made her die a little inside. She asked the old dwarf to come with her. Together they could fight through their pains of loss.

It was sometime later that Dalene met up with Panthera of Ru Gyouten. A group that seemed like a new family, and a chance to help people. During this time she met Kardrymm, he was then second in command of Ru Gyouten. The two shared a bond, and Dalene found herself falling in love with the Warrior Night Elf. Yet, in the back of her mind was eating away at her.

Present DayEdit


"I won't suffer, be broken, get tired, or wasted Surrender to nothing, or give up what I Started and stop it, from end to beginning A new day is coming, and I am finally free" -- Attack by 30 Seconds To Mars

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