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Name: Turrok of the Frostwolf Tribe
Nickname: Daybreaker
Race: Orc
Professions: Hunter
Birthplace: Alterac Mountains
Current Residence: Hammerfall, Arathi Highlands
Affiliations: The Frostwolf Tribe, The Defilers, and ally of the Warsong Clan
Appearance: With skin the color of ash tinted with green and yellow eyes, the behemoth of an orc is hard not to spot. Made of strength and steal, this one known as Daybreaker, stands at a towering height of seven feet. His 280 pound form is covered from head to toe in rugged mail armor, two glowing axes at his hips, and on his back a powerful bow and a quiver full of sharpened arrows. A clanking sound follows him everywhere he goes, and all terrain he walks upon groans from his heavy foosteps.

Always at his feet is his trusty boar companion, Dozer, a black beast with silver and emerald plated armor covering it's form. While incredibly dangerous if provoked, generally, the animal is well behaved and harmless.

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