Deandra torch

Basics Edit

Full Name: Deandra
Race: Draenei
Class: Priest
Profession: Tailor

Background Edit

Deandra spent most of her life in a small village on Draenor. There, she made use of what little healing skill she had as the local dentist. The profession was a good match for her, as she was patient enough to slowly regrow teeth over a period of days or weeks.

When the orcs invaded the village, Deandra lost that which she valued most. Her husband was killed while visiting the marketplace, and her daughter Cursaole, who was with him at the time, fled and was never heard from again. She traveled to Shattrath, where she stayed with her aunt, a powerful anchorite. This aunt taught her much about the Light, and the way of the Naaru.

On Azeroth Edit

Deandra awoke in a makeshift clinic on Azuremyst Isle to discover that she had been in a coma for months. As soon as she was physically able, she left to help others in need and to discover more of the world that would now be her new home.

She is greatly intrigued by the healing magic of the Kaldorei, and has spent several weeks learning what she could of their culture and practices. She considers their worship of Elune to be blasphemous to the Light, but Deandra is open-minded enough to see the good intentions of the elves. She especially identifies with their ideas about the corrupting influence of magic.

Now, Deandra spends much of her time in both Human and Kaldorei lands, helping those in need as she trains her healing skill. Still, she feels very much like an outsider. The language and cultural barrier make her prefer the company of other Draenei. She feels almost ashamed for intruding on the land of others, especially once she learned of the corruption on Azuremyst and Bloodmyst.

The Dental Office Edit

Recently, Deandra walked by a simple sign in a window that caught her eye, "For Rent." Uncharacteristically impulsive, Deandra decided on the spot to reestablish her dental practice. Early the next morning, she met with Brigitte Cooper, the human building owner. The lease terms were fair, and soon Deandra proudly replaced the sign in the window with a new one that read, "Dentist Office -- Now Open."

The modest 1-room office is still in need of many improvements, most notably better lighting than the small candle-lit chandelier it currently holds. She is thankful that Therodar promised to craft new lights using crystals.

Business has been slow for her so far, but is gradually picking up as word of mouth spreads. Deandra has been charging very little to her patients, asking instead that they recommend her services to others in need of dental care. Until the business begins to pay for itself, Deandra is dependent on the money she earned while helping Kaldorei in Ashenvale.

Finding her Daughter Edit

While in Shattrath one evening, a Draenei shaman slipped Deandra a note, asking her to meet him later by the Lower City orphanage. There, he told her that he knew her daughter was alive, and wanted to meet with her. He gave Deandra detailed directions to the village in which Cursaole now lived.

Wasting no time, Deandra set off at once to see her child for the first time in decades. As she made her way to Nagrand, she pictured the blissful reunion over and over in her head.

Once she arrived at the village, however, she felt a knot in her stomach. She instantly recognized the style of crude huts surrounding the village well, but refused to accept the implications of what she saw. Deandra spent almost an hour eyeing the Broken as they went about their daily work before she was approached by what looked like their leader.


Almost afraid to speak, Deandra asked if this village was where she could find her daughter. As soon as Deandra spoke Cursaole's name, a Broken woman stepped out from behind a pillar and ran sobbing into Deandra's arms. Much to the displeasure of the rest of the village, Deandra spent two days in Cursaole's hut, trying to make up for the years they had spent apart.

Knowing that the Light of the Naaru had left her daughter, Deandra decided that it was her maternal responsibility to do what she could to mend her daughter's shattered faith. She returned very briefly to her office and apartment in Stormwind to break her lease and pack her things, then, after a teary farewell to Vajarra, returned to Cursaole. She has vowed not to leave her child until she has redeemed herself to Cursaole and her people and managed to bless her daughter once again.

Recent Developments Edit

A year after separating herself from the Draenei community to live with her daughter, Deandra decided it was time to leave her child to find her own way. Seeing her old shop leased to a new tenant, and finding no trace of her friends of The Sacred Path, she is more isolated now than even when awakening from the crash landing.

Personality Edit

Deandra is quietly optimistic, and has an unshakable faith in the Light. She tries to be polite and respectful in her dealings with others, although she stands up for her beliefs. She dislikes crowds and loud noises, but enjoys conversing with small groups of people. Deandra also has an unusual sense of humor that can make her seem almost immature, despite her old age.

Although Deandra is relentless in her pursuit of the Light, she is unambitious in other regards. The only possession she values is her nightsaber, but she views him more as a friend than something she owns.

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