Basics Edit

Full Name: Devinicus "Hotbrew" Steelforge
Race: Night Elf
Class: Priest
Profession: Patriarch of The Sacred Path, Alchemist
Age: Unknown, only a few years by memory, doesn't look all that old.
Birthplace: Unknown
Residence: Unknown Marital Status: Widowed

Appearance Edit

Like all elves, Devinicus is tall and lean, though muscular for a priest. Based on simple looks, he appears to be a bit of a dandy. His hair, skin, and clothes are all well-kept and free of marks and wear. He is known to wear colognes in style with lesser nobles of Stormwind, and wears two pieces of jewelry, a silver ring on his left middle finger. The ring is nothing entirely noteworthy, there is a fine engraving of a hammer with a starburst in the background. If anyone ever had the chance to see the inside of the ring (which they don't, because Devinicus is hardly ever without the ring), one could see "K.C. Darrow Steelforge" engraved along the band.

History Edit

If one researches him, he has no record with the elves, city of Stormwind, or the Cathedral of Light. Judging by records (or lack of), he simply appeared out of thin air one day near the sixth anniversary of the end of the war. If one asks him, he tends to dodge the question, largely because his story is simply insane in its entirety. The short version is entirely understandable. One day, several years ago, he washed up on the shores of Stranglethorn Vale without any shred of memory or the ability to speak. He became a ward of the Cathedral in a very clandestine fashion and was taught to read and write in Common before being sent off to Teldrassil as it was seen as the "proper" thing to do. He did what learning of the local language he felt comfortable with and returned to the East as soon as possible.

Worship of the Holy Light Edit

Devinicus is an exceedingly devout and (self-described) pious follower of the Holy Light. He does not claim to outright reject Elune or boast of any choice of "choosing" the Light over the beliefs of his fellow elves. Taught by his aged "father" (a priest who took it upon himself to educate Devinicus, who himself seemed to vanish shortly after the end of the war), Devinicus became enraptured by the Light and obsessed with learning more about it. Devinicus' teacher was a traveling priest who spent a great deal of time in Lordaeron, perhaps suggesting that Devinicus might have some knowledge of the great multitude of writings lost during the fall of Lordaeron.

... and the Plague Edit

If the subject is brought to his attention, Devinicus voices a definate fear of an "Altered Plague" which can jump across racial lines and turn anyone into a mindless slave of the Scourge. This fear gives him reason to study the Plague and search for at least a minor cure to fight a potential Altered Plague. He does not speak of his methods (as he views them as, at worst, potentially heretical), but they are a blend of chemical alchemy, transmutational alchemy, and manipulation of the Holy Light.

Companionship Edit

They say elves commune with nature, and Devinicus is still an elf, even though his abilities with communing are certainly dull. He is often seen with a grey ancona chicken named Andrew Lightwalker III (or just "Andy"), and he does appear to be able to communicate with the bird and, at times, will have lengthy conversations with him. According to Devinicus, Andrew is the only animal he's ever spoken with or has any interest in speaking with, seeing as how Andrew recognises the value of the Light and serving it.

Alchemic Enhancements Edit

Thanks to the brutality of Eldanesh (a brutality which Devinicus admits to being able to understand and even respect), Devinicus' right eye is an enchanted mithril replacement. The eye allows him to see and not simply sense the aurae of those around him and, when puts the effort into it, more-effectively deduce the alchemic properties of materials. The two canines on the right side of his mouth are also arcanite replacements that are largely indistinguishable from the real thing to any but the most well-trained eyes.

Orthodoxy Edit

From a public writing posted in the Cathedral:

"Since the fall of Lordaeron, much of the life and the righteous path has been lost. Rampant and unchecked liberalisation of the Light, while useful for attracting new converts in this modern age, will lead to the continued degradation of our faith and the ability of our brothers and sisters to follow that faith. It is upon this grave threat to the path of the righteous that I feel it is necessary to found an orthodox church. An organisation with the intent to retain what we have and restore what we have already lost. I am not a holy man, merely a man who dedicates himself to the path of the righteous, though I feel I am capable of serving as patriarch of this coterie."

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