General InformationEdit

Full name: Sira Devonn Sonora Trueblood

Nicknames: Dev

Age: 26

Class: Paladin

Birthplace: Moonbrook

Current Home: Stormwind


The most notable thing about this paladin is her completely orderly appearance. From her tightly bound hair, which is kept neat at all times, to her polished armor and wrinkle-free clothing. She stands with her back straight and her chin high. She seems to take great pride in her appearance, and the impression she sets.

The paladin wears very little jewelry, barring a choker worn around her neck at all times. The item is made of lace-decorated black leather, and held together by a lock. The lock, itself, is marked with an emerald-inlaid flame. She seems to treasure this solitary piece of jewelry, and keeps it just as orderly as the rest of her attire.


Many would describe Devonn's personality as being too tightly wound, or far to noble. She often seems proud and bold, though once one gets to know her they find her to be a much more relaxed individual.

Loyal to a fault, and always truthful, Devonn will always choose to do what is right before protecting someone who has wronged another. That is not to say, however, that she wouldn't do everything within her power to protect those she considers friends.

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