Dewberry Fallengear Edit


Gender: Female
Faction: Alliance
Race: Gnome
Class: Rogue
Profession: Gnomish Engineer, Miner
Hobbies: Engineering, cooking
Age: 48
Guild: Emerald Mosaic
Usually found in: Stormwind or anywhere in Outland

Appearance Edit

General height for a gnome, Dewy usually wears a pair of Cogspinner Bandit Goggles she crafted herself. She can often times be seen quietly puffing away at a cigarette, she however always has her daggers at her side ready to be used at a moment's notice.
Her brown hair tied back tightly in twin pig tails, Dewy is of average height and weight for her kind. A long jagged scar runs down the right side of her face, over her eye, and she sports a tattoo of a shattered gear in black ink on her right bicep.

History Edit

Having a rather spotty history as an assassin for a gnomish crime syndicate known as the Black Ratchet, she has since allegedly "retired" from her old ways and sought out to live a somewhat honorable life. Being a master engineer, she runs a small weaponry business called "Fallengear Armaments". It is believed however that her business is just a front for her continued relations with the Black Ratchet.

Present Day Edit

Dewy is currently seeking all manner of adventure in the shattered world of Draenor. She has stopped her prior hobby of collecting blood elf ears and troll tusks, as she finds demon hunting far more profitable and fun.
With her little sister Avielynn to be her only surviving family, when not adventuring in Outland she spends her time enjoying her sister's home cooked meals and just relaxing.

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