Diir'jih RakkariEdit

(( NOTE: Being rewritten. I'm bringing this character back, and redoing his RSP and wiki completely. Much more work to be done soon. ))

Name: Diir'jih Rakkari

Nicknames: Jimbo, Dii'

Place of birth: Stranglethorn Vale


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Professions: Alchemist

Height: 9'3 (Standing at full height)

Age: 41

Race: Troll

Sex: Male

Status: Enforcer of the Harbingers of War, and 'semi-retired' sergeant of the official Horde military ranks.

Appearance at a glance: A buzz-cut scalp. His teeth and tusks are blackened and dulled. A red headband is lazily affixed to his head, and he droops an expensive looking cigar from his mouth; also atop his head is a lopsided leather hat of the most bland, boring gray color. A stunningly drab duster hangs at his feet when he's hunched over. He smells of cheap cologne with a tinge of hard liquor. A thick, spiky, and gray five o'clock shadow clings to his chin and cheeks. A small tuft of black hair hangs from his pointy looking chin. He seems to yawn and scratch at his beard often. He is lithe, muscular, lean, and very agile; his body is toned to absolute top physical condition. He has a good amount of scars on all visible parts of his body. His face has some white and blood red face paint. Two loose bandoleers cross his chest, on which are throwing knives and on the back, two sheathed swords. A thick leather belt hangs loosely upon his waist, and on the belt are miscellaneous scrolls, tools (like lockpicks, hammers, micro-adjusters, flasks, a looking glass, etc), and other assorted items. The troll droops lazily as he shambles about.

Welcome to the Jungle Edit

Personality Edit

Family Edit

Diir'jih has his grand-pappy, grandma, and a few cousins down in Stranglethorn vale that are members of the Skullsplitter tribe.

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