Basics Edit

Name: Dinolatal Firestorm

Nickname: Dino

Class: Hunter

Hunting Style: Demon Hunter

Race: Night Elf

Birthplace: Azshara

Age: 10,039

Family: Dazura Firestorm [Father](presumed dead), Latana Firestorm [Mother](deceased)

Past Affiliations Unitary, Bloodhaven, Winterlight


Dinolatal is not like most night elf women, Though her face is quiet beautiful to the eye she hides it behind her Helmet. Dino Chooses to wear her armor at all times for she is already for combat and doesn't like taking the risk that someone might be after her.

Personality Edit

Dinolatal at most times is quiet kind and polite but enjoys chaos, though she doesnt bring chaos upon anyone she is always looking for it and can be found in the center of battle, some beleive this part of madness was brout upon her during the months she was caged by Winterlight. Very protective and loyal to her friends shes a great allia in battle.

History Edit

The begining... Edit

A young child at the destruction of The Well of eternity, Dinolatal Always looked up to many of the Great Warriors especially Illidan. Dino spent much of her young years running through the forests and playing with the animals. Her Mother showered with love and affection but her father, being of highborne never had time for her and spent most of his time with His highborne breatheren. During the attacks by the scourge Latana left her child under the care of a friend. Sadly for dino this would be the last time for her to see her mother as she died 3 days later.

After the Destruction of the the well of eternity Dino Followed the rest of the night elves to Mount Hyjal were she was take under the arm of an old druid named Oldarmen trying to train her in the ways of the druid but soon gave up as it was obvious she had no interest in following druidism, instead he let her out into the forest were she would play for hours on end with the animals, it wasn't that long till Oldarmen noticed that the child preffered the company of animals and so even though the way of the hunter was a foreign art to him he started training Dinolatal the best he could.

During the next 10,010 years that followed Dinolatal spent much of her time training, she even joined the Sentinels where she stood against the same evil that destroyed her mother, Archimonde and the Burning Legion. Dinolatal saw many of her brothers and sisters die that day but when all was said and done they managed to hold off the scourge long enough to summon the spirits of the world tree. With the world tree dead and the Legion with it Dinolatal once more followed her Brothers and sisters to there new Home of Teldrasil helping establish peice and order. For a time Dino found it very relaxing but it wasnt long before she grew restless and longed to travel the world so she packed up and shipped out heading for the easter kingdoms.

The Eastern Kingdom Edit

The eastern kingdom offered many new sights to Dino, she had met the Humans before but was intreged as she saw the Dwarves and the Gnomes. She Didnt think it was physicly possible to be that small. After weeks of Traveling She eventualy found herself In Goldshire Inn , As she siped her beer she looked round at some of the people at the inn, she felt lonely as she saw all the others Chatting away over the many fights they had been in. "Bah!" she mumbled under her breath "most of these men are weaklings" As she once again siped her drink upwords she noticed something, A man entered with what appeared to be a sword of blazing flames, the man walked up to the inn keeper and Paid for a room and then retreated to upstairs. "Barmaid, can you please get me another drink please" as Dino sat in wait she looked at the exit, something wasnt right, she as she sat at the table near the stair way she could see 4 men carefuly creaping up the stairs but no one seem to notice. Immidiatly She got up and quietly followed them. The assasians came to a door and burst it open. coming out of stealth they seemed confused as they entered the room. "Looking for me?" all of a sudden 1 of the men fell to his knees as the figure of The man Appeared again brandishing his 2 swords, the remaining 3 men advanced on him leading him in to the corner. "So Arahadord you think you could Betray us and steal from Vancliff" said One of the assasins, The man just stood there and staired at them "Stolen you say, how about the 20 years of my life he stole from me, slaving away in the mines, torn from my parents?" "Why you insilent brat!" The assasin raised his dagger but stopped , His mouth dropped and the man slumed to the floor, Arahadord looked down at the man to see an arrow through The assasins Head, he quickly looked up And there stood Dino, with her bow notched at the ready "I think The transaction is more then fair from what I hear". One of the men Ran at Dino but she just stood there in the door way as the man charged at her. Just as The man was about to hit He stoped and froze in a Giant Ice block. Arahadord noticing that the last Assasian was distracted snuck behind him and gouged the man across his throat. Dino ignoring the large Frosicle of a Assasin that now stood near the door way and sat herself down at the edge of the mans bed. "Arnt you ganna finish him?" Dino asked, Arahadord raised his eye brow and walked up to the traped assasin and struck the ice with the left blade and then lunged with his right cracking the ice and taking out the last assasin.Turning round confused but releaved he turned round and faced the archer. "Who are you, and why did you just save me?" "My Name Human Is Dinolatal Firestorm as for why, Well lets just say I hate uneven odds, And you What did That assasin call you Arah...-" "Arahadord Hellbane, And those pleasent fellows Where Some of Vancliffs Best men He leads A Group that call themselves the Defias" "Well ..Arahadord... I think it best that you stay low, its odvious that it wont be long till theyll come looking for you again, as for your sleeping arangements i would recommend that you take my bed, they'll realize that your friends havent come back and will send reinforcements" "But what about you? what do you get from all this, where will you sleep?" "Im a hunter, ill sleep on the floor and lets just say I was always taught to put others before myself"

Dino was right, Later that night a group came stamping down the hall and smashing in to the empty room, The next morning the inn keeper was found dead, throwen from the the second story window of arahadords room for incompetence by the defias.

Unitary Edit

The next morning Dino woke to the sounds of her pet Sphinx nawing on her hand "aaaawww.. I thought i told you to stay outside?" Dino looked up at the bed and saw that the man was gone but there in his place lay a letter, it read "To Dinolatal Thank you for helping me last night, i am sorry i could not be here this morning but i have other busness to attend to, you see after last nights escapade I have decided that Its time to take charge, I wish to invite you to my guild Unitary, built with the soul purpose of taking out The Defias brotherhood. Yours Sincerly Arahadord" Dino thought on this for a while pondering if this was her fight, if the life of this 1 man mattered."my your mother would kick your butt" dino giggled. And so Dino joined unitary, matched up with many great Warriors, hunters, assasins and mages. But this was all short lived as 1 memember argued that this cruisade was selfish and that and was not for the good of every one but just for arahadord, 3 months later Arahadord Abandond Unitary, deciding that this was not what unitary stood for and ambandond the guild and left everyone in a state of shock and confusion.

Dinolatal the Spy Edit

During the weeks to come she wondered where arahadord had disapeared as She watched Darotan take the shakels of power in unitary and Renamed the guild Winterlight, with unitary under Darotans control there were many changes with recruiting bolstered in night elf archers. Another was that Arahadord Was Branded a traitor and Darotan sort to kill all who betray him. Dino Felt very confused, this is not why she joined, she had joined cause she wished to fight for a noble cause, not for senceless slaughter.. On several occasions she and groups were sent to scout for him, on many accasions they found him but dino truely didnt wish hurt towards the old man, on one of the scouting trips dinolatal managed to encounter arahadord while alone. "Why do you stay with them, cant you see they want me dead?" "I have noticed that on many ocasions, and truely i do not know, I think the major worry is that he'll do exactly what his done to you, he will brand me a traitor and have his army try and kill me...." ".. I understand, Dino I want to ask a favor for me" "You need not ask for favors Sir, unitary may not exist but the vows that I made still stand, I will follow you into battle and i will follow your orders" "I need you to spy on Winterlight, to tell me when there close, I also want you to start a rebelion group within winterlight, Bloodhaven would be a most apropriate name" "It shall be done" True to her word Dinolatal started a small group of other unhappy memebers of winterlight ready for when ever arahadord ushered the call, sadly One by 1 the members were found out And where executed by darotans own sword. One evening Dinolatal was attending a meeting and Darotan announced that they were not far away from catching arahadord and that they march in the morning, immidiatly like instructed dino Sprinted off towards Menstrol Post not knowing she was being followed. Dino informed arahadord of the impending doom but it wasnt long after that they noticed they had company, Arahadord fled for fellwood while dino Tryed to hold off the army or Darotan, Just as she fout she was done for Darotan stoped his men and had her imprisoned and stripped of all her posetions and powers. Lucky for her 2 months later Dino escaped by summoning an owl to her aid while the guards were sleeping to steal the keys, she then slowly sneaked out and stabed them with the butter nife they had carlessly left her in there jugulars. Scared and fritend darotan might come after her she fled to shadowglen where she hid until Leriqite found her and re united her with her old friend.

Current day Edit

Dino Now resides with the house of The sunpath riders under mistress Shandala. Dino has spent many months trying to regain her skills and is well on her way. With arahadord having putting his past behind Dino once again finding herself board has returned to wondering looking for a worthy cause to fight for....

Sphinx Edit

Sphinx Is an orange Tiger, Long time parter of Dinolatal, she has fout by her side for near 20 years. when Darotan released Her back to in to the wild she traveled to stranglethorn where she stayed until dino found her once more

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