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Medivh, the Prophet

Guild Leader: Alnorian Relinor Loremaster, and Arcane Apostle

Guild Status: Active

After his efforts to bring the Horde and the Alliance together to face the Burning Legion, [Medivh] again fades into obscurity to begin the next stage in His self-assumed role as guardian of Azeroth. Known now as [Medivh the Prophet].

Among the people of Azeroth He would search for agents who displayed the aptitude to resist the seductive influences of demonic power. Strong-willed heroes who have outgrown the desire of self-elevation and instead offer themselves in service as protectors. The Chosen would become Disciples of the ascended Prophet, students of a master returned from exploring the cosmos to set right His place of birth. From all races and walks of life the chosen began to gather to receive hope and understanding of the very purpose of existence. Even warlocks are welcomed among them, for any who are strong enough to bend the legion to do their bidding and use them against the nemesis only reiterate The Prophet's lesson that even the most corrupt and fallen are not lost eternally.

At the core of these lessons is the fact that Azeroth, like many of the worlds scattered throughout the universe, is a seed packed with potential to grow into something greater. The forces that give life and magic to all beings on the planet are the fuel that will sustain the transformation into maturity.

[Medivh the Prophet] teaches that the use of magic is not, in itself, evil. It is only the attractant that draws the predators to Azeroth. Ironically, it is also the only means by which it may be defended.

Aligned with new hope and purpose, the Disciples set to their work to guard Azeroth, and foster brotherhood between all the races. Azeroth must stand united if it is to fend off the hungry forces of the universe known and unseen that threaten to devour the seed before it can sprout and grow.

[Medivh the Prophet] - Medivh the Bringer of Hope calls to you. Can you hear him?


Medivh calls to you

Officers Edit

Alnorian Guild Leader and Loremaster

Mendelias *newly promoted*

Members Edit



Disciples of Medivh Guild Tabard

OoC Edit

The Disciples of Medivh is a small, RP-focused Guild. We consider ourselves to be a mature group, but don't take ourselves too seriously *wink*. Our goals are to eventually reach the end-game content of WoW, but doing so within a Role-Playing context. As a guild, we do not raid for the "phat lewt," but we do not prescribe any particular playstyle on our members. In short, we want our members to play the game how they wish to play it.

We also understand that the needs of Real Life come first, and maintain that this is a game. To be played for fun. Whatever your playstyle is, we will support you to the best of our abilities.

We also wish to maintain a place among the community as a role-playing group. Feel free to contact any of the officers or members for assistance with any role-playing event you wish to host.

Contact Edit

In-Game: Contact any of the Officers or members listed for further information on the Disciples.

Out of Game: [Visit our site] for more information. *new website*

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