Full Name: Disnu Ugara

Race: Orc

Occupation (class): Warlock

Age: 65

Residency: None, the frontier if you count that

Warlock Spec: Affliction/ Destruction

Birth and HistoryEdit

Disnu, was born in the grasslands of Draenor. It was always assumed that Disnu would be trained as a shaman and maybe even one day be a Chieftan. He trained hard and long, day in and out, until something happened. He was introduced the idea of dark magic, he saw what he was working for, power. At that moment, he shifted his focuses. He wanted to be a warlock. Come the first war, Disnu was well in his 20s, almost 30. He was given command of some troops. It didn't fare well, he was on the front lines, almost a scouting unit and was torn to shreds. Disnu and a few others stumbled back to a nearby camp, bloodied and bruised. He wondered "Why would they ever put a warlock on the front" the answer: They didn't like him, he was a nice good warlock.

Despite being demoted, and sometimes premoted and given a boring job, Disnu saw the end of the 1st war. It almost didn't affect him, he just kept practicing his magic, this time is was in the once magical quarters of Stormwind (which has recently been burnt down). Come the second war, he joined Doomhammer, and got no where again. He was stationed in some random valley, was captured and placed in a camp.

One day, the camp was raided, the Orcs who were to free him, just passed by his cell, almost ignoring him, until Disnu showed them a bit of his power. He was free, he decided to go for a walk, for a long long time. By the time he saw civilization again, the Third war was long over, and he caught a boat over to Kalimdor as a stowaway. He got off the boat, Kalimdor was ...ok. He walked through the newly built Ogrimmar gates. In a few moments he instinctivley found himself in the Drag, he knew this was home. Today, Disnu fights all over Azeroth as one a good warlock, as surprising as it is. He also discovered a hatred for Night Elves in his adventures, and tries to murder as many as he can.

For most of his life, Disnu had troops, and not friends. Once Disnu joined the New Horde, he made a few friends. Argsar, an orc and more importantly a drunk, he found in Renkah's Kitchen in Booty Bay. Disnu actually has more Troll friends, Zule'kin, Zorrakin, Zakakin, and Zatakin. Disnu suspects they're all related, but he's afraid to ask. Sometimes Zule'kin threatens to cut out his gall bladder, and Disnu won't have it. Another is Zakon and Zorkin, two yong trolls, sometimes in need of advice.

A couple months ago, Disnu braved a trip on a Zepplin, of which he was afraid of heights up to that point, and visited the Undercity. He was right at home, everyone was ignoring him, and not spitting on him. "I guess this is an improvement," Disnu said as he took a nap right in the elevator, as it rocked him to sleep.


Disnu appears and usually is a reaching hand, ready to help, but he's quite a worker, just making money for his plans. He's currently working with the gnomes and goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel, on building a music studio. In the deepest dungeon sometimes all Disnu does is think ahead and try to get out as soon as possible. Other times, in battles against the alliance, Disnu will offer his advice once or twice then stay out of it. He knows leading is not his fortay.



Rulfip was (and still is) the most pestering little imp this side of Azeroth, wherever the side may be. Disnu's first encounter with Rulfip was when he summoned him from another Dimension. This was his first and last summoning that was taught to him, and infact Disnu likes all of his minion-friends. Not to say Rulfip isn't useful. If anything Disnu will look at him, and it's somewhat of an ego boost.


Disnu in his early years took on a legend to obtain a powerful massive demon, what he got instead was Zhar'Krast. Usually, Zhar is the one minion that is out with Disnu. Disnu and Zhar are almost not even master and owner, but two friends.


As soon as Disnu was freed from the camp. He walked up a hill, and saw a flash. He walked up to see what happened, and there was a dead bear at the top, with lashes all over it. After wondering what happened he prepped himself for a fight, but instead met Lyneverre, a Succubus who was being attacked, and she then agreed to join him, and his "traveling circus of misfit demons".


Around the start of the third war, Disnu was walking (as he usually does) through a burnt down city, and wondered why all the people were dead. He then looked up, and saw a frenzy of green meteors crashing into the background he then said "Oh, well...I guess that'd explain it" He walked away and then was tackled to the ground by a felhound. He kicked it off of him and beat it promptly with a leg he found nearby. He then left the village as he know what could show up in a few hours. He then look at his ankle and there was the same felhound at his ankle and Disnu just dragged it along, until he assumed it just wanted to stay. Hafuum is always hungry for meat, so Disnu will usually have him help in the battles he encounters with the alliance.

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