Name: Divisan Branford
Race: 'Undead' (Aka- Forsaken)
Class: Holy Priest
Age: 25
Birthplace: Tirisfal Glades; on the northern part of Brightwater Lake.
Current Residence: Although he doesn't have a set home, he is partial to Gallows's End Tavern, and Mulgore.
Affiliation: Harbringers of War
Appearance: Back when he was alive, Divisan took pride in how he looked. His short black hair always came neatly down to his neck, and his bangs were parted to the side. His deep blue eyes shined with hope for the fact that one day the horde and alliance would get along. He was neatly dressed, and always at the top of his game.

But, that's not the case anymore. After his 'lucky rebirth' as a foresaken, he stopped caring about his appearance all together. His black hair became greasy and unkempt, and grew much longer. His eyes became a dull yellow, and his skin began to rot, and bones began to fade. So much to the point he had to put a plate on his jaw. Ashamed of his appearance, he always hides under robes and a hood, so no one can see his dull grey skin.

Gettin' to know him.Edit

Although at first glance, he seems to be much like the average forsaken, but once you talk to him, you realize he's not. He's anything BUT average.

As a priest, Divisan has a strong recognition for how fragile life is. It can come and go, all on a whim- and that fact disgusts him. So unlike most forsaken, he lacks the thirst for blood, the lust for revenge, and the desire to kill everyone.

Because of the Forsaken's 'distorted views' as he refers to it, he isn't very loyal to them. And despite now being forced to be with the horde- he still holds strong feelings for the Alliance, and is often ridiculed for it, and called a 'blood traitor', and is even considered by some to be Foresaken among the Forsaken.

An unhappy past?Edit

Divisan led a great life as a human; he lived happily with his wife, and his infant son. He was revered as a great priest throughout Lordaeron. He couldn't have been happier; he had a good family, friends, and was considered wise beyond his years.

However, like everyone else in Lordaeron, his life was shattered when the plague hit. He was one of the first to go; he died trying to heal others before himself. The only thing that comforts him is knowing that his wife and son were in Stormwind visiting with family when the plague hit, so they didn't have to suffer like he did.

A miserable rebirth... Edit

Divisan's no quiet sure how long he was controled by the Lich king; but when he broke free of the Lich King's grasp, he couldn't have been more miserable...he didn't know if his family was safe, his friends were all under the Lich King's influence, and he had lost all of his skills as a priest, and was left with nothing but rotting robes and a worn mace. When he saw what had become of his former homeland, he knew he had to do something. He began to train in the healing arts immediately, and began rebuilding his shattered life.

Over time, he began to regain his optimism, and even his hope that the alliance and horde could get along- after seeing the horde wasn't some clan of bloodthirsty savages like the alliance thought, he became more comfortable with his surroundings.

Finding the HarbringersEdit

Prehaps the happiest moment of Divisan's 2nd life was coming across the Harbrings of War; he came across them while traveling through the Wailing Caverns. He was directed to Throngar, who allowed him to join. He gladly joined, and after only a few moments, he knew he'd found his place in his after-after life. Ever since, his loyalty is unwavering.

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