Domini Edit

Race: Forsaken
Date of Birth: Year -10
Date of Death: Year 21
Date of Awakening: Year 25
Age: 37
Class: Warlock
Specialization: Demonology
Guild: Formerly Obsidian. Currently missing.
Professions: Tailoring & Skinning
Birthplace: Kingdom of Alterac
Relatives: Wife, name unknown
Appearance: Domini stands at five feet, eight inches. His skin is a light grey and his eyes bear the unnatural yellow glow of his fellow Forsaken.

Life Edit

Prior to his death, Domini admits to being a journeyman mage aspiring to join the Kirin Tor. Other than this he keeps everything else a secret, including his full name.

Year -10 - Birth of Domini in the snow covered mountain kingdom of Alterac. His father was a tailor, his mother was a housewife.

Year 0 - At the end of the First War, with Stormwind captured by the orcs, his family relocated from Alterac to a valley in Tirisfal Glades. It was there he began to practice tailoring as a means to support his family. Stories of the devastating magic practiced by the orcs had reached the valley. Domini was amazed and disheartened by the defeat. He wanted to learn to use the same magic practiced by the orcs so he could one day defeat them.

Year 16 - The Second War broke and the Alliance of Lordaeron was formed. Eager to finally learn the magicks he had heard about as a child jumped at the opportunity. While he never saw any combat during the Second War, his mentors would not teach him fel magic. Instead, they had taught him to cast fire magic only. His teachers' reasoning was, "You have to fight fire with fire." Only partially satisfied he still obeyed.

Year 17 - Domini's family arranged for his marriage to another human mage, whose name is lost to history. During this repreive of warfare they tried to settle down and raise a family.

Year 21 - Domini journeyed into Stratholme to sell his clothing a week before Prince Arthas' arrival. He left the city a day before the purge of Stratholme, instead meeting the fate of undeath by Mal'Ganis.

Undeath Edit

As a minion of the Scourge, like so many others, Domini's memories of his slavery are cloudy at best. All he knows is that he was just another rank and file spellcaster for the dead legion.

Marching from what would become the Eastern Plaguelands and down into the city of Andorhal, he mindlessly attacked the living alongside the reanimated dead. The Lich King commanded a number of the undead to take the castle Lordaeron as a stronghold, which Domini was a part. It was here he remained, protecting the future throne of the Scourge's unholy empire.


With the freedom granted to him by the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas Windrunner he festered with a deep hatred for his cursed form. It was this inner rage that caught the attention of a lower ranking demon. The demonic entity seized the opportunity to hide within his weakened mind. From that time the hidden demon began empowering him with fel magic. This presence made itself known to Domini by taking the ghostly form of his wife.

Surprisingly he found himself back in the valley where he had grown up since his exodus from Alterac. The valley had been renamed "Deathknell" and all remnants of its past name had been mysteriously "lost." He was surprised at the news, the Orcish Horde had shed their bloodcurse and were now allied with the undead who called themselves Forsaken. While he found this all too hard to understand, he merely looked into a mirror and understood it completely. He was a Forsaken and that could not be changed.

His wife insisted he be trained by Maximillion the Warlock. As Domini noticed Maximillion used fire based magic, so he found the trainer to be a brother in spellvraft. Maximillion explained how he would teach Domini shadow spells in conjunction with fire. Finding this very enticing with learning magic that had been outlawed by the Alliance in his past life he became Maximillion's student.

Fallen GloryEdit

With what he believed to be the ghost of his wife, he wandered into Brill one night and came across the beckoning of Lord Cyneric Blackthrone from the guild called Fallen Glory. His "wife" urged not to join on grounds that it was a front for the Cult of the Damned. Finding Cyneric he requested and was granted membership.

His wife's corrupting influence had slowly worn down his resistance. This resulted in him appearing to be a warmongering mad man. During this time with Fallen Glory, his behavior had become random and irrational.


Upon hearing the news from Lady Audreid herself that she had left Fallen Glory in order to form a guild of her own, Domini immediately resigned from Fallen Glory. Concuring that she was the better leader and while his "wife" stating she was not, he counted Audreid as a friend.

It was in Obsidian he met the aspiring rogue, Lutherus. Together the pair had adventured through the lands of Kalimdor and Azeroth honing their skills and attacking Alliance towns along the way.

As revenge for his disobediance, the demonic entity took on various shapes and forms to torment the warlock. Shifting from a ghostly spouse to a variety of monsters had left Domini on the edge of sanity. These terrible hallucinations nearly resulted with the death of Ramerra in the Thousand Needles. It was then he decided to seek out Zandro for help.


At the insistence of Audreid and Ramerra, Domini sought the powerful magicks of Zandro. After a battle of wills raged between Zandro and the demonic presence the malevolent entity was expelled. Or so it was believed.

Many moons later Domini had realized the demon was back and this time Zandro was not around to exorcise it. Instead, the warlock had come up with his own means of self-exorcism. He requested that Audreid and his long time friend Lutherus journey to the Twilight's Hammer encampments in Silithus.

He revealed that his plan involved putting himself in harms way to reject the demon by forcing its hand to leave for self-preservation. By touching the Greater Windstone twice he combusted into a cloud of black flame leaving a trail of fiery footprints back to Cenarion Hold. It was with Audreid's help did he survive the encounter.


Domini was last seen on May 14th somewhere in Shadowmoon Valley.

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