This guild has been inactive for some time now. Most remaining members have moved on to The Refuge.

Description Edit

Guild Leader: Sankareth "Kar" Cloudtotem

Guild Officers: Right Hand Miranya Silverbrook, Left Hand Galen "Gofer" Arcalltos, Jonas "Happy" McSprightly, Rysika, Chiela Bandu

Who to Contact: Sankareth, Miranya, Goferklr, Chiela, Rysika

Site Address: Dreamwalkers


The Emerald Dream, the great mirror to our world, where Ysera, the Dreamer, sleeps, dreams and watches. Our spirits touch this place when we sleep, when we dream, and here some hear the call of Ysera. Those who answer are called as her Children, to do her work as they Walk the Dream and the waking world, standing strong against the spreading corruption and the coming of the Nightmare.

We are they, we are the Dreamwalkers.

- from the words of Kareth Cloudtotem, High Priest

Guild MeetingsEdit

More family than battlegroup, we are not the kind to stand on ceremony, formalities, or mettings when they aren't absolutely necessary. However, the family gathers each Thursday evening at the seventh hour by the fallen logs on the lakeshore, just outside Bloodhoof Village in the land of Mulgore to share in each other's company and enjoy some downtime together.

On the first Friday evening of each month, again at the seventh hour, we gather by the ceremonial fire in Thunder Bluff to share tales, be they of our own exploits or simply legends and children's stories of our peoples. Those who visit in peace are enthusiastically welcomed at both the family gathering and the Lore Circle.

Recruitment NoticeEdit

Do you dream of a better day, of a world without corruption, a world where our people - be they Shu'halo or Sin'dorei, orc or troll, or even the Forsaken - can live in peace and freedom? Have you seen in your dreams the coming of the Nightmare, and seen the damage it has wrought upon the waking world? Druids may indeed be the closest to the Dream, and the most powerful within its boundless realm, but they are not the only ones called into service by She who Dreams.

We are grey, we stand in the balance between the candle and the star. There are as many ways, as many hearts, and as many callings as there are dreams in the world, and it is equally as admirable in our eyes to be a great warrior on the front lines of the battle as it is to be a silent supporter, upholding the faith, health, and morale of your fellow Dreamers from the safety of the background. The Left Hand wields the blade of Ysera, those among us who are more martially inclined, while the Right Hand is her shield, protecting the sword hand with the strength of spirit and the warmth of family. Left and Right hand together ensure the balance, under the steady leadership of our High Priest.

Ysera calls, my friend.... will you answer, and stand with us against the coming of the Nightmare, and against the damage its Unwaking have done in the waking world?

Who are we? ((OOC))Edit

The Dreamwalkers are first and foremost a heavy RP guild, and members are expected to behave in-character as much of the time as possible. Our primary focus is roleplaying, building storylines together and exploring the lore upon which our guild is based. However, we strongly encourage PvE progression as well, and are taking our first baby-steps into learning to raid, with plans to progress through pre-BC endgame content in preparation to tackle Outlands raids in the future. We are not by nature a heavy-PvP guild, but we also encourage and participate in PvP battlegrounds and raids when it suits guild motivations and character storylines. Any race/class combination is welcome, provided the character's concept and outlook fits the guild's aims and lore, though there is a strong emphasis on druidic and shamanistic traditions even among the characters who don't belong to that class.

We are also a close-knit group of friends, who like to help and support one another even with alts outside the guild, and we share a good deal of laughter, insanity, and random chatter in our OOC channel.

Guild EventsEdit

After a change in leadership, many things are in the planning stage, to include full-RP raids of guild-lore-related instances (presently Wailing Caverns and Sunken Temple are our primary targets), as well as social events.

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