Name: Droshella Derling, goes by "Drosh"
Race: Forsaken
Age: 26 (?)
Birthplace: Westfall
Class: Priest
Professions: Singer, Enchanter, Tailor
Guild: Zephyr Crew
Appearance: Shortish blue hair, quite thin, makes an effort to make herself look less grotesque and decayed.


Kind and whimsical, Drosh is friendly to nearly everyone she meets. Drosh may act in a childish or innocent manner, but is actually quite clever and insightful when she needs to be.

Drosh speaks in a somewhat broken fashion, and seems to be incapable of using first-person pronouns. For example, "Drosh make nice feesh for Meester Tay sir! Drosh do to thank sir most Droshly for nice nice shiny send to Drosh." More about her verbal patterns below.



Droshella Derling was struck by the plague while traveling to study to be a priestess, leaving behind her father and sister Rassy (whom she calls "Rah Seh") in Westfall.

When she awoke from the nightmare of the Lich King, she had trouble accepting what had happened and all that she had done. A young undead priestess named Lucency straightened her out and put her on the right path.

While chasing after Lucency (on her long trek to Goldshire), Drosh was apprehended by what she identified as "pee-pul in silly purple robes." They did not kill her, instead, she was handed over to an unidentified person wearing grey robes.

This "Grey Man", as she calls him, told her that he was going to give her "final death". During the painful process, an unidentified orc and troll (apparently unintentionally) rescued Drosh and interrupted the process.

It was that event that somehow damaged or trapped part of Drosh's mind, affecting both sections of her memory and her speech.

The Gnome Mask, The Human MaskEdit

During her search for her family, she decided to disguise herself as a gnome ("guh-nome") to sneak into Stormwind. Her first attempt was by using an actual dead gnome body, which certainly had its problems.

The flamboyant leather-working orc Rbosk made her second disguise, in the form of a full-head-covering leather mask. Luckily for Drosh, the Stormwind guards seem to be quite distracted.

The mask itself makes Drosh itch, so she only uses it when she absolutely has to.

(The Mask has since been destroyed, see below)

Recently, Drosh noticed that the mask was becoming a bit frayed and in need of repair. She sent it back to R'bosk for repair. She was contacted and went to visit him upon learning that he was dying, and too weak and uncoordinated to repair it.

R'bosk's troll lover revealed to her that he had been working on a human mask for Drosh, but it was not completed. After remaining with R'Bosk for a few days in Grom'Gol, she took the parts of the mask and found a goblin leather-worker in Booty Bay who charged her far too much to complete the work with a hand as skilled as R'Bosk's.

She's successfully entered Stormwind wearing the mask, and hid there for a few days as part of her exile from the Kodo.


Drosh is sometimes somewhat uncomfortable about how she talks, but can't really help herself. She recently discovered that, when innebriated, she can talk much more normal for a short period of time. Those close to her have speculated that this might mean that she could, in fact, be cured.

She's grown to accept her own awkward communication, and has even taken up singing in public.


((to be added))


Drosh is currently using Jehotay's old seashell to communicate with the Zephyr Crew, but it is less than reliable.

Drosh recently found a white kitten wandering the Barrens. She is convinced that it is Jehotay's, and that this means that he is dead.

Due to Bloodaxe's distance to her (and everyone), Drosh quietly gave up on a serious relationship with him at this time, however, she is still quite fond of him.

Drosh has very recently started growing much closer to Tweck; the pair are often seen together in the evenings, and have expressed love for each other.

Drosh is always willing to help her friends with their problems, even though this often gets her into trouble.

Additional InformationEdit

  • The rat "Meester Slappy" seems to not actually get misplaced, but tends to find Drosh when she is in the greatest danger, or in "evil" places. This has made Drosh very suspicious of Meester Slappy.
  • Drosh hates the Dalarans.
  • Drosh sometimes eats eyes, but she tries not to do this in front of other people.
  • Drosh used to dislike guh-nomes, er, gnomes, but since meeting Tweck, Jinx, and Tiktok, she is quite fond of them.
  • When very drunk, Drosh has moments of clarity, and her speech becomes much more conventional, for very short periods of time. She also remembers part of what she forgot about the Grey Man.

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