Dymao Stormclaw
Game Information
Race Night Elf
Class Warrior
Vital Statistics
Height 6'8"
Weight 210 lbs.
Hair Purple
Eyes Red
Personal Information
Alignment Neutral Evil
Age 7,000

Appearance Edit

Dymao is a dick loving cum swaping faggot and a rather small Night Elf, esspecially for a Warrior. However he easily counteracts his size disadvantage for his lightning speed and skill with his Blade. Dymao has dark blue hair that seems untainted and perfect. Dymao normally has blood red eyes, however they have been slowly becoming a dark shade of Emerald. He clearly has many cuts around his entire body signifying the damage that had been caused to his body.

History Edit

Dymao has had a complicated past. He started out when the Druid, Bromuzl, was in training to become a Druid. He was unallowed by Cenarius himself citing the rage in his heart would get in the way. Bromuzl soon had little choice but to train himself and release all of his anger. Bromuzl trained insanely for almost 15 years to release this rage, he was finally sucsessfull after he suffered a horrible defeat against a Furbolg Cheiftain. Bromuzl's anger was turned into the form of a wisp who traveled the world for another 10,000 Years.

Witness of the First and Second War Edit

The Spirt of Rage from Bromuzl travelled the world extensivly, he saw the building of Quel'Thalas, the War of the Three Hammers, and the building of the Human Nations on Azeroth. The Spirt was intrigued when he saw the Orc's cross into from the Dark Portal. He was curious as to their customs and wanted to know more of the Odd race. The Spirt had seen the War as it played out, and had soon been put into contact with Warchief Blackhand himself. Blackhand simply considered the Spirt a demon master and had answered all of the Spirt's questions. The Spirt soon had gained vast knowledge of the Orc's and their homeworld of Draenor. He soon took a relaxed approach and observed all the key events of the First and Second War.

Darkness of Rage Edit

The Spirt was gaining knowledge of all the races of the world until something grew inside of him. This was soon called, The Shadow. The Spirt resisted all of the temptation of the Shadow until shortly after the Thrid War, He was completly overtaken by the Shadow. The Shadow had gained full control of the Spirt and took him back to the home of the Night Elves in Ashenvale. The Shadow saw what the orc's had been doing and saw an oppertunity to gain control of a powerful body in the forest. The Shadow had given the Spirt a mortal vessel in the form of a former member of the Highborne...

Possesion, and The Meeting Edit

The now mortal spirt had been given a name, Dymao, which meant Chosen in the native tounge of the Shadow. Dymao was soon prepared to meet his creator, and brother, Bromuzl. Bromuzl had risen in the ranks and was now considered a member of the Elite Druids. Bromuzl was soon contacted by Dymao to arrange a meeting between the two. Dymao met with Bromuzl in Shadowglen, on the island of Teldrassil. The meeting was hostile from the begining however Bromuzl and Dymao were able to become friends and able to gain a moderate trust with each other.

Friendship and Forced Betrayal Edit

Dymao had soon met many of Bromuzl's friends and had became friends with many of them. However this peace would not last long as The Shadow was impatient of Dymao's progress in destroying Bromuzl from within and decided to take matters into his own hands. Dymao had tried to resist, but was completly controlled by the Shadow and had done terrible deeds to Bromuzl's many friends. He nearly drove many of the mad and had almost destroyed Bromuzl's marriage. This would last until Dymao attempted to destroy The Shadow himself.

Soul Assault Edit

Dymao was soon the total slave of his own evil spirt, but he tried incrdibly hard to resist the power consuming him. Dymao was on the brink of his own death before making swift contact with Bromuzl to aide Dymao in killing the Shadow. Bromuzl agreed as Dymao used his own life force to attack his soul, while Bromuzl would aide in brining him back to life. Dymao's attack seemed sucssesful but the Shadow still existed within him..but lied dormant for months.

Peace Edit

Dymao saw advantages to taking a regular life and did as such, he had many relationships most of which failed. Dymao was a decent engineer for a long time but soon dropped that profession out of boredom. Dymao mostly just did what he enjoyed, kicking ass and taking names. This was shown when Dymao became a Officer of Stormwind, in which he patrols Stormwind for criminal activity and gets free board for the job. Dymao made many of his own friends at this time and had made a few enemies within the Alliance. However, the Shadow tried to control the more powerful Dymao one final time.

Death of the Shadow Edit

Dymao went about his buisness till he began to notice his former powers when being controlled by the Shadow began to return, he merely thought of it as a gift and used the powers for his own benefit. However the powers began to become even more powerful than Dymao could handle and The Shadow began to control Dymao once more. Most of the time, Dymao was able to fight the attempts. However, while travelling in Desolace the Shadow had tightened his grip and forced Dymao into a rage and killed 3 key members of the Cenarion Circle in Desolace. Dymao was completly possesed once more. Kaziro, Dymao's true friend, had caught news of what Dymao did and threated to destroy Dymao. The Shadow was in full control and would have none of it. A Battle occured in which both forces were nearly destroyed, Kaziro was aiming for one last shot in which Dymao used all of his energy to make Kaziro destroy the Shadow and not Dymao. As a result, the Shadow was utterly destroyed and Dymao was free from the curse at long last.

Current Activities; Power of the Highborne Edit

Shortly after the destruction of the Shadow, Dymao went on a path to discover what his Spirt, and the Shadow had done. This led Dymao to discover the origins of his body and his desire to go to Silvermoon and rejoin with what he believes, is his people. Dymao is currently searching for ways to be able to transform from a Night Elf to a Blood Elf at will.



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