General InformationEdit

Name: Ebrik Ironstrike, aka Eberk Hammerharp
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin
Professions: Blacksmithing and Mining
Age: 73
Place of Birth: Ironforge
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 284 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Affiliations: Former 'Chum' of the disbanded Comrades of Destiny, current Officer of the Catastrophic Awakening.

Appearance and Misc. FactsEdit



Eberk is not the most muscular dwarf, but he is close. These great muscles of his are often hidden by the great plates of armor covering his body at all times, except when he's relaxing. He has a rather short beard, something not so common with dwarves anymore. Eberk believes that many dwarves grow long beards to compensate for weak bodies, something he finds to be a gross offense (not that he doesnt find the long beards impressive). His hair is cropped short and is often messy and matted with dirt, since he at times forgets to wash during long training sessions. His eyes are ice blue, something he is intensly proud of, saying his eyes reflect the snow and ice of Dun Morogh. He has the commonly big dwarf nose, and a short, strong chin. If there is any weakness in Eberk it is in his ears which are, although rather large, do not work as well as he would like. He compensates for this with an extemely good sense of smell, bragging at times of his ability to smell an Undead a mile away.


Eberk, being born into a proud and mighty clan of dwarves, has all the steriotypical traits of a dwarf. He is proud, stubborn, and above all else quick to raise his fist at his enemies. He has a deep hatred for the Dark Iron dwarves. One of Eberk's more prominate flaws is his stubborness about his own beliefs, even if his belief may be wrong. For example, Eberk has a certain dislike for the Wildhammer dwarves because he thinks that they are betraying the foundation of dwarven life - the earth. As a paladin he tries to put aside these feelings, but it remains to be seen if he will ever get over his border-line hate. Eberk's feelings and opinions are deep-routed in his pride as a dwarf. He has a subconscious set rules of what a dwarf should be in his mind, and is very often offended by dwarves who diviate from these rules. One such idealism is his feeling that dwarves should not turn away from their heritage. Not such a shallow heritage as one's close family, but heriatage as in one's own greatest decendants. Some, knowing this about Eberk, would think him overly critical or even cruel to his fellow dwarf. But in truth Eberk is terrified for the future of his people and would do anything to help set the dwarves on a straight path. No matter what he thinks about the Wildhammer's choice to live on the mountaintops and not underground, what Eberk wants more than anything is for all the dwarves to be united. Except, perhaps, the Dark Irons.

Good TimesEdit

Despite that fact that Eberk can seem rough at times, he is a pureblooded dwarf at heart and thus greatly enjoys having fun, especially with other dwarves. Often after a hard day of training he'll journey back to Ironforge and spend the evening at an inn, drinking his fill and dancing with any girls who happen through the door. Not that Eberk only enjoys the company of his fellow dwarves, of course. Some of his best memories are of spending time with his friends in the Comrades of Destiny.



Ebrik Ironstrike

Eberk was born into a proud, ancient clan of dwarves called the Ironstrikes under the name Ebrik. During past battles against the Dark Irons the Ironstrikes were among the most powerful warriors. Everything changed, however, the day Tarkon joined with a group of Dark Iron sympathisers and betrayed the Bronzebeards. In shock Ebrik turned his brother for advice, but Khor was no where to be found. In shame and anger Ebrik left the city and wandered the lands of Dun Morogh. One day Ebrik made a decision to change his sad fate. He would start his own bloodline, a clan that would not be fooled by evil nor corrupted by power. So he returned to Ironforge. To show his dismissal of his Ironstrike heritage, Ebrik changed his name to Eberk Hammerharp, and vowed that the Hammerharp clan would remain faithful for all time to Ironforge. Eberk also began training as a paladin, deciding that only by surpassing his father in strength and knowledge could he rightfully begin his new bloodline.

Life New and EndedEdit

You may not hear this from Eberk if you ask him, but the Ironstrike clan was once a great and noble bloodline. Eberk's mother was a perfect example of this greatness. She lived as a alchemist, and in her prime was the greatest alchemist of all the dwarves. Kealyn Ironstrike loved her son, Khor, with all her heart. When she was pregnant with Eberk she taught Khor, and he was a model student. Unfortunately, Tarkon saw the profession as dishonorable, and demanded they stop the lessons. Maddened by what he saw as injustice, Khor continued to study on his own, despite his inexperience. One day he brewed a potion intended to multiply his own strength, to prove the trade's worth to his father. The potion was made horribly wrong, however, and exploded. Khor was knocked back off his feet by something, and when the dust settled he saw that his pregnant mother had shoved him out of the way and gotten hit by a falling block of stone. Instantly Khor took her to the medics in the city, praying that they might save her. They told Kealyn that they didn't have time to operate and save both her and the child, and she would have to choose whether to let them heal her wounds and have the child most likely die, or try to deliver the baby in an operation she would probably not survive. She chose to try and save the baby, and Eberk was born into the world at the highest price.

Lost LoveEdit

When Ebrik returned to Ironforge under the new name of Hammerharp, the first thing he did was return to the home of his fiance, a beautiful young dwarf named Nalime Hearthflame. All did not go as expected, however. Nalime tossed Eberk out as soon as she heard what he was planning, telling him he was a traiter for denouncing the name of the proud Ironstrikes. Much as he loved her, Eberk decided that his new clan was more important than anything else, and he would not return to his shamed name for a woman. Ever since then Eberk has been on the lookout for a wife, someone whom he can love and will help him in his life goal of starting a new bloodline to replace the once proud Ironstrikes.

Another Dwarven StereotypeEdit

Too add to his already predictable nature, Eberk took on blacksmithing as his trade. In his spare time (a thing becoming increasingly rare) he shapes weapons and armor in the Great Forge of Ironforge. It is in weapons that Eberk has found a true love, forging all manner of swords, axes, maces, and other weapons with increasing skill. However, with other things demanding his attention Eberk has had precious little time to devote to mining ore and forging his art.


It's worth mentioning that Eberk has always been (and remains) jealous of his brother. Khor was a mighty warrior, proficient in almost every type of weapon, and his mind was sharper than any sword. Most dwarves looked down on Khor for his less-than-impressive muscles, but Eberk knew this exterior was hiding a mind and strength greater than his own. He would often go out into the snowy plains and train for hours, and then return home and read as many books as he could get his hands on, all for the sole purpose of reaching Khor's level of skill. Even today Eberk continues to draw inspiration from the memory of his brother, despite all that he's done. Even though Eberk continues to care for his brother, he may never forgive him for leaving him at his time of need, and for the evil he commited (something that Eberk will never speak of).

Axe of the MountainEdit

When Eberk was young, his brother Khor forged a great axe. He used a book left by his mother to enchant the axe using his own blood, setting the blade ablaze in a flame that would never go out. He called this magical axe Burnfate, named for the release he hoped it would provide him. The only one who Khor would let touch the axe was Eberk, and it was this gesture of trust and caring that led to the powerful friendship that they shared for years afterward. On the day before Tarkon's betrayal, Khor had stormed out of his room, shouting curses and ranting about the cruel fate destiny had layed on him, for Burnfate had lost it's flame. The next day after Eberk discovered his father's treachery he happened by the axe, and upon picking it up was shocked to see the blade suddenly engulfed in it's former blaze. Encouraged by this, yet worried about what Khor had done to lead to axe to no longer burn for him, Eberk renamed the weapon Kazaxe, the Axe of the Mountain. The Axe remains with Eberk to this day.

A Journey into the WorldEdit

Eberk trained for a long time in dwarven lands, effectively ignoring the outside world. What else mattered except his beloved mountain? After a while, however, he found that he was no longer getting stronger as quickly as he needed to. Deciding that he would need to train his mind and spirit as well, he ventured forth from the snowy plains of the mountain to the Wetlands, where he got his first real example of human culture. He came to learn of the humans, how noble and righteous they could be, and of their terrible suffering. He decided that this was the perfect chance for him to gain the knowledge and power he needed; he would travel the world and help the humans, and gain all the strength he needed. But to do this alone? Highly unlikely, he decided. It was at this time that he began his search for a group of warriors to join.

Joining the ComradesEdit

Eberk was on his way to his paladin trainer in Ironforge when he happened across a human woman. Drawn to her seeming overwhelming happiness, he approached her. After talking for a while he learned that she was called Treyelle, and she led a group of aventurers called the Comrades of Destiny. Perfect. Eberk immmediately asked her if he could join. Treyelle accepted with her usual smile. Since then Eberk has put almost all his energy into the Comrades. Helping others, giving what little he is able, and trying his best to get along with all the different races present, Eberk was determined to be as fine a representative of the dwarves as possible. Over time Eberk made some lasting friendships with his Comrades, and continues to look forward to growing stronger with their company.

Dusk Falls on the ComradesEdit

After the recent disband of the Comrades of Destiny, Eberk has joined with the Catastrophic Awakening guild; a small group dedicated to upholding the goals and values of the Comrades, led by the gnome warlock Ashlemily and officers who are still tied together by the friendships started in the Comrades of Destiny, Eberk being one of those officers.




Tarkon Ironstrike

Eberk's father personifies the pride of his clan. Abused by his own father for his entire childhood, he was often unsure how to act toward his sons. He wanted the Ironstrikes to remain the great clan his father had protected, and so he tried to force the heritage into Khor. Easily recognized by his white beard flecked with ash from the Great Forge, Tarkon was an adamant armor crafter. In his heart of hearts he deeply loved Eberk and especially Khor, but he never really tried to act on this love, which probably was what led to his ultimate downfall. Nothing is known about where Tarkon is now or what he is doing. He is likely still in the employ of the Dark Irons.



Young Khor

Eberk's brother was always sure of himself. No matter what he did he was always 100% sure that he was doing the right thing. Unfortunately what he did often stemmed from his hate for his father. Khor resented his father's trying to 'take away his freewill'. Khor was always good at hiding his emotions (a feat that always confused Eberk), and had a habit for releasing days or weeks worth of tension in a single furious moment. This anger and frustration worried and saddened his mother while she was alive and kept Eberk at a wary distance. Khor's pride and joy was Burnfate. It was this axe that forged the tie of friendship between him and Eberk. The blade shimmered with the flame of their clan, lit by Khor's own blood and kept bright by the pride of it's wielder. Khor was thought to be killed by Eberk until recent news suggested that he is alive in Blackrock Mountain.



Kealyn Ironstrike

Eberk's mother is a symbol of hope and sorrow for him. Knowing that such a brave, noble dwarf once lived gives him hope that the dwarves can one day find peace. But he is still pained by the circumstances of his own birth, and how his mother sacrificed herself for the chance to save him. Kealyn was a master alchemist, which inspired Ebrik to become well versed in the art before becoming Eberk. Eberk keeps a book locked away in a place buried in the foothills of Dun Morogh; a diary once belonging to Kealyn. He returns to the diary constantly, seeking wisdom or hope or reassurance. In this book Eberk also draws inspiration for his story telling, and Eberk greatly enjoys storytelling. Every month Eberk returns to the grave of his mother outside of Ironforge, keeping the gravemoss off the tombstone and keeping it polished. One can't help but wonder if the guilt and pain Kealyn's death brought to Khor was the reason he started to turn to evil...




It is hinted in Kealyn's journal that she had a child with another dwarf before marrying Tarkon. There are numerous references to a girl called Neali to whom Kealyn aparantly daren't go to for fear of her husband's reaction. Much as Eberk has tried, he has not been able to track down this 'Neali', and even if he did find her it is unknown whether he would think of her as a shamed Ironstrike or love her as a sister even if she didn't become a Hammerharp as he did.

Recent TimesEdit

With his powers steadily growing, Eberk has finally reached powers exceeding any Ironstrike. Not wishing to concentrate on phyisical abilities alone, Eberk has joined with the dwarven Explorers League and has been involved with several excavations in both Azeroth and Outlands. As one of the few archaelogists powerful enough to go on such projects in Outlands he has gained much status and reputation in Ironforge, and it is to be hoped that the attention will not go to his head. Also not wishing to forget his own undying faithfulness to the order of Paladins, Eberk has joined with the Aldor Draenei in Shattrath City. He daily goes on excursions into the far reaches of Outland to gain reputation with the Aldor, ignorant to the many enemies he is making among the ranks of the Scryers.





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