Einherjan Svengard
Game Information
Race Human
Class Paladin
Guild The Imperium
Vital Statistics
Height 6'2
Weight 200
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Alignment Lawful Good
Age 44
Birthplace Sunnyglade
Marital Status Single
Family Heimdallr Svengard (father, deceased), Janus Svengard (mother, deceased), Aislyn Svengard(wife, deceased), Maganist Narathol (half-brother)




I- Second War, SouthshoreEdit

The young Einherjan, approximately 19, sat up against a building in Southshore after the battle had been fought and won. He heard the workmen down the beach constructing naval facilities for the inevitable. The naval attack from the horde which would come soon he thought.... too soon. He could hear the laughter of the happy men all around him. Yes, the happy men. For he, Einherjan, was not as cheery as they were, since he had heard the past year that his father was killed when fighting a band of orcs near the end of the First War. He had cried for a very long time and didn't know how to take it. What could he do? He was left alone to tend to his mother who was very grief stricken and a younger brother who did not understand what it ment to be dead- well maybe it wasn't that. Maybe he believed he would come back and the dispatch was just a lie. Einherjan wish he felt the same way. Though he knew there was no hope. He did wish that, but he wish he didn't react like his brother did. Kolbein had taken off, on his 16th birthday. Ran away to some distant land, Einherjan hoped. He hoped he was free, and would be come happier than he would stuck in Sunnyglade.

He was peering at the ground and was poking at the dirt on the ground with a branch he had found laying near him. He suddenly heard a voice, and suddenly looked up.

"Boy!" He looked up and saw a man with short black hair. He was tall and built. Einherjan didn't say a word but kept looking at the man. "Boy, I am talking to you. Have you lost your hearing or something?"

"Ah, are you talking to me?" Einherjan asked wide eyed.

"Yes, your the only one here after all. What's your name?" The man asked.

"I am Einherjan Svengard, son of Heimdallr Svengard an officer of the Knights of the Silver Hand."

"I thought so, you have his eyes. Know who I am?" He peered at me.

"I do not.... sir." Einherjan, was starting to think this man may be some sort of dignitary. He arose from where he was sitting, and said, "Are you a member of the Silver Hand as well."

"Yes, Einherjan. I am Sir Uther, leader of the Knights of the Silver Hand. I know why you are fighting in the war." Einherjan opened his mouth and started to talk when Uther stopped him, "Please, let me finish before you let your mouth start galloping of without you. You have enlisted to help the alliance, though it's a secondary thing to you. You main reason is to revenge your father's death by killing whatever Orc you can. Am I right?" Einherjan began nodding. "I am sure most of these people reasons aren't very different. Your father though believe in the Light, and he fought for the preservation of the Light. He used his gift to protect and support the Alliance. He wasn't a man for revenge, he was a man for honor."

"I- I-" Uther shook his head and motioned for Einherjan to follow. He followed Uther down to the place where they were building the docks and the naval facilities.

"Just let me tell you what I think. I think you should join the Silver Hand, I know you are young... and have a lot of angst but I believe you can over come it. Your father has a gift which the rest of the Knights of my order have. They have a gift of being able to channel the power of the Light. Being that your father had it I believe that you have it to. What would you think if I brought you into the order as a Knight of the Silver Hand, you could follow in your father's footsteps. Not out of revenge but as a way to finish what your father started, a lineage which could possibly last for years. Serving the Light is just, and do not listen to what everyone else has to stay against it. They are just misguided. Have you heard of the city of Stratholme in the north?"

"Yes, I have. That is where my father got ordained as a Paladin of the Light, right?"

"'Tis my boy. Now in three days I would like you to come there. Alright?"

"Yes. I will be there. I am.... ready to serve the Light." Uther chuckled and put his hand on Einherjan's shoulder.

"This path is righteous and if you really want to make a mark in the Knighthood you have to have a little more pizzaze than that. See you in three days." With that he walked away from Einherjan, he then was left on the beach, alone once more. Amongst the builders he melded in, he would support the war effort for three days until he became a Paladin of the Light. The thought frightened him a little but he believed he could do it. That was all he had to do- believe.

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