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Race: Night Elf
Age: Unknown (10,000+ Approximate)
Birthplace: Azshara
Class: Hunter
Professions: Skinner/Leatherworker
Affiliations: Order of the Silver Hand, The Cenarion Circle

Appearance: Ekoh is tall and muscular, moreso than other Night Elves it would seem. His face is scarred by what appear to be healed burnmarks, and a tight leather band covers his dead eyes. His clothing is disorderly but in a purposeful way, as if he doesn't care much of the opinions of others where his appearence is concerned. Belted to his waist is a large, black handcannon along with a series of black metal slugs. Intricate runes can be seen to glow on their surface.


Ekoh is blunt and to the point, and more than a little crass. He'll say things that may embarass or offend, but overall he means well in the end. The only being he seems to truely care for is his wolf, Jinroh, but if given time he can prove to be a loyal if unruly friend. When angered he will show little to no restraint, and is never afraid to put a bullet between the eyes of someone he thinks deserves it.


A Sundered ChildhoodEdit


Hunter of the Black FlightEdit

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The Battle of Stonetalon PeakEdit


Recovering from the DreamEdit


Leaving IronforgeEdit


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