Elaveene "Elastic" A. Pea
Game Information
Race Forsaken
Class Warlock
Guild Curse
Professions Mercenary
Vital Statistics
Height 5'3"
Weight 120lbs
Build Mildly Athetlic
Hair Interestingly violet and messily violent
Eyes Eyes that glow yellow. Green Tint due to fel magic.
Personal Information
Alignment Horde
Age Forever 20 something
Birthplace Brill
Current Residence None
Marital Status None
Pets Chicken(Waistbands) and Horse(Rubberbands)
Family Deceased or Ghouls... Dead either way

Description Edit

Name: Elastic A. Pea
Gender: Female
Faction: Horde
Race: Forsaken
Age: 18 (at death)
Place of Birth: Brill
Class: Warlock
Profession: Tailor, Skinner
Hobbies: Being a smartass
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Guild: Curse
Usually found in: Undercity
Appearance: Elastic's faces has some scars and marks. Her left hand is also missing a fair amount of flesh, where there is skin, it is heavily scarred. Her hair is well preserved, almost as nice in death as in life. That is not to say it is not still a mess, but in a good way. In a forsaken way, Elastic is still pretty. Standing at 5'3" (standing straight) Elastic is fairly skinny, not having skin on some areas does not help. To put it shortly she is an average undead in the body department. Upon reaching her 35th season as a Warlock, Elastic had two tattoos put on her body. One is of a vine of Ivy that is coils around her eye and pock marks on the right side of her face. The other is a matching, and larger, creeper of Ivy that starts on her left arm, and continues down and wraps itself around what is left of her Left hand. This right of passage was done in memory of her younger brother. Ela prefers to wear Robes, since it is befitting of her role as a Warlock, although pants are alright in non-formal occasions. Whatever the occasion, however, she makes sure her clothes always match well...she hates it when they don't

In Life Edit

Elastic was once the daughter of a middle class farm owner. She helped her family around the house, and had little to worry about in her future life. She practiced some nature magic akin to Druidism as well, her father used to say it ran in the family. When the Plague came to her hometown she was at the marketplace. A leading figure in the community was attacking people, already a Scourge monster. When she ran home in fear she found her home deserted, save two people. Her brother and a farmhand. The Farmhand was dead, her little brother was not...but neither was he alive. A struggle ensued, in which Elastic had to beat her own brother's head in with one her father's work mallets, but not before having her left hand torn of half of its flesh by her brother's teeth. She ran from the house, crying and unaware of where she was going. Then, as she was starting to get far from her village despite her massive loss of blood via her left hand, she passed out. When Ela awoke she was in a crypt all too familiar to most Forsaken. She flexed her bony fingers and watched chaotic black energy jump between them. She can not remember much between seeing her brother eating the farmhand and waking up in the Crypt. What she does know that whatever happened triggered the latent Warlock energies inside of her.

((In progress))

In Death Edit

Elastic adapted quickly to her new life an Undead Warlock. She learned quickly that getting on fellow undead's bads ides was unwise, and she often did favors for those in charge of the town of Brill. On such a day she was reporting to the Mayor of Brill when a meeting started. It was of the Guild curse, and from that day on Elastic's Undeath was never the same.

~Elastic has since gone of many adventures and has grown in power and maturity, although she is still just as funny and weird as ever. She feels very emotionally attached to Curse, and considers its members very much her Family. Elastic joined the Ranks of Lady Syvannas' chosen in her 8th season, where she remained until her 48th. After that time Ela had little contact with Curse or even the world at large. Upon waking in Deathknell Elastic could only remember her name, and her first name as a nickname only. So she left for the Western and Eastern Plaguelands in search of information regarding her and her family. Recently she has been sighted in Outland, and in her 63rd Season has rejoined Curse to once again serve the Dark Queen. Many things have changed, however. For while she is joyous as ever to see her friends Meridith and Plagos, she is having trouble coping with the death of Overlord Ghrast, her good friend and mentor in the Demonic Arts for most of her undeath.

Factiods Edit

  • Elastic can't resist the urge to crack a joke, however bad the joke, or however inappropraite the moment.
  • Elastic used to be left handed, for obvious reasons she is no longer.
  • Elastic loves to read, and on long missions, will often spout random passages from her favorite books
  • Elastic actually prefers to be called Ela, she had reason to believe it may be part of her original name
  • During her mission to discover more of her past, Elastic found a roster of arcane hopefulls in the unholy school of Scholomance. On it was the name Elaveene Adelle Pea: Elastics true name.
  • Ela still prefers Elastic to Elaveene, in honor of her new undeath life and her Brother. Although Elaveene is acceptable.
  • Elastic Hates Murlocs to no extent, if it even remotely resembles a murloc, she will Obliterate it .
  • Other than her demonic zoo of Warlock pets, Elastic keeps 2 other. Her Chicken, Waistbands. And her Felsteed, Rubberbands. They are named such due to her horrible love of puns. She once owned a red Snake, but gave it to her Secretary as a new years eve gift.
  • Elastic has her own secretary and leatherworker. The former being a young Undead rogue named Pinprick(by her inebriated father). And the latter being a 24 year old Troll hunteress named Amseene. Amseene is paid in leather and is only asked to make patches for Elastic. While Pinprick has a working salary and doubles as Ela's bank manager. Both are loyal, Pinprick a little to much.

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