Name: Ellis Darclune Balthazar
Race: Human
Class: Warlock
Professions: Mining and Engineering
Age: 30
Birthplace: Andorhal
Current Residence: Orah Adare, Nagrand
Specialization: Demonology
Affiliation: Emerald Mosaic
Appearance: Ellis' pale skins carries the hint of a sunburn. Her hair hair is a natural, light red, and although she looks thinner than what is healthy, her eyes are bright. She is of average height.

Personality Edit

Ellis is quite friendly, a bit dense, and easily irritated. She is quite the scholar, and a discussion of the hierarchy of power of the Legion in the Blasted Lands would brighten her entire day. She often forgets to eat when pouring over books. Ellis' closet is quite overfull with dresses, most of which she never gets quite around to wearing.


Ellis Balthazar grew up in the now-ruined city of Andorhal, the only daughter of a grain merchant. She married her best friend, Augnorn Darclune, when they were still teenagers. Some years later they had a daughter together, but unfourtunately both husband and child were lost to the Plague when it swept through Lordaeron.

For three years afterward, Ellis lived quietly by the loch in Thelsamar. A chance visit to the library in Ironforge set her mind ablaze with curiousity. Those that caught her attention most of all were the tomes of demonology, and rather intrigued, Ellis sought out a warlock to answer her questions.

More recently, Ellis remarried. Her new husband is Aaleyada, the man who had helped her face her grief. They quite randomly have an adopted daughter named Arhena, who is around a year old.

Relations Edit

Seeing as the majority of her family lived in the Kingdom of Lordaeron, Ellis has few family left. Her last remaining blood relative is Lindea Balthazar, Ellis' cousin. Lindea works as Ellis' personal banker, but unfourtunately the relationship between the two is strained and they rarely converse outside of business.

Ellis discovered some time ago that her little sister-in-law, Joules Darclune, had risen again as one of the Forsaken. She has made no attempt to contact Joules.

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