Emiyaranion Edit

Full Name: Emiyaranion iLlurendiel Dorthuriansdotter
Gender: Female
Faction: Alliance
Race: Human
Age: 25
Height: 6'2""
Weight: 160 lbs.
Skin tone: Dark
Hair color: Black
Class: Paladin
Professions: Skinner

Appearance Edit

You see a tall, lean, tanned woman with inky black hair tumbling past her shoulders and her dented but well polished armor.

Her sword hangs at her back, shining and tethered to her wrist by a long leather cord tied to the pommel. It's clear she cares more for the weapon than her armor.

Upon closer inspection, her green eyes catch your gaze coolly, and you can see a faded scar at her collar bone. She wears a Thorium bead chain around her neck. A nose ring and an eye ring dot her face, and it seems strange to see two markings scar the otherwise pleasant face of this young Paladin.


History Edit

An orphan at an early age, Emiyaranion iLlurendiel Durthoriansdotter was taken in by the Stormwind Orphanage and trained as a Paladin of the Light by the Paladins of the Church. Once a lanky street rat, she has grown up to be a fierce fighter for the Light in Azeroth, clashing many times with the Scarlet Crusade and the Scourge.

A loner most of her life, Emi was nearly killed by Onyxia, and the wounds she was inflicted with stayed with her for one year. It was during her time of recovery that she met and fell in love with Tenebras Shadowstrider, the man who would eventually become her husband. She was constantly seen with him until his untimely death.

It is rumored that she no longer mourns him as she once did, though she is still often alone.

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